Main Amenity Vandals
On July 12, trespassers vandalized the Main Amenity pool and restrooms. One jumped the gate to grant access to the other. These individuals used the pool after hours, tossed in pool furniture and trash cans, and later trashed the amenity restrooms. We have contacted the Bexar County Sheriff's Office and gave them a few stills that our security cameras captured.
Ranchers, we do need your help. If you have seen the individuals in these images, please contact the association office at 210-451-9656 as soon as possible. Your help with any information regarding these trespassers would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.
Amenities Temporarily Closed
The Stillwater Ranch Fitness Room and Tennis Courts are temporarily closed. We are currently experiencing some technical difficulty with the access card system granting access to both the fitness room and tennis courts. We’ve been in contact with the third party company, and a repair ticket has been placed. We are hoping to reopen these two amenities as soon as possible.

We sincerely apologize for this inconvenience and thank you for your patience
Stillwater Nights with Happy Tails!
Happy Tails was onsite on Thursday of last week as our featured entertainment for STILLWATER NIGHTS! Residents enjoyed an hour presentation learning about seven different exotic animals, their habitats, eating habits, and more.
Featured animals included an Alpaca, Cabybara, Indian Runner Duck, Lion-headed Bunny, Patagonian Cavy, Python, and a Wallaby. The presentation concluded with family opportunities to take a group photo with Kuzco the Alpaca.
Special Thanks to CLEAR.BLUE for sponsoring the entertainment for July's Stillwater Nights. Please, join us for our last Stillwater Nights of the year on August 29.
SWR Nature Trails
We have spoken with the trappers about reopening the trails. They still see some activity, but expect the trails to be open soon.
Year to date, a total of 107 wild hogs have been trapped and relocated. For your safety, the trails will remain closed.
Thank you for your patience. We sincerely apologize for this inconvenience.
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Resident Run Event:
Rushing Creek & Lost Ranch
Block Party (Saturday, August 24)
A great deal of neighbors have expressed interest in this event. A group of us met to discuss details. We are hoping this will promote fellowship and a sense of community on our street. Not to mention, what a wonderful way to get to know our neighbors. Hopefully we can begin a wonderful and annual tradition. 

Items Neighbors Are Coordinating:
food, drinks, coolers, games, tables, canopies, lights, ladders, trash cans, fire pit, stores

  • - Diana Istre via text 210-332-0723
  • - FB group page created: Rushing Creek & Lost Ranch Block Party
  • Flyers will be distributed door-to-door this week.

Event: Rushing Creek & Lost Ranch Block Party
Date: Saturday, August 24th
Time: 7:00pm (set up) / 8:00pm (start)
Location: Lost Ranch cul de sac (three points of entry will be blocked off)
Menu: Hamburgers, Hot Dogs, Chips
10 Mosquito-Repelling Products for a Blissful, Bug Bite-Free Summer
Cookouts, pool parties, camping trips - it's finally outdoor season! But that also means it's bug bite season. Ditch that aerosol can of bug spray and that clunky citronella candle and opt for these alternatives.

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14 Simply Stunning Summer Window Box Recipes
Do not let sweltering temperatures get you down! Plant these heat-tolerant blooms for colorful curb appeal all summer long.

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Hot Wheels™ Monster Trucks Live
[April 23, 2019]: [San Antonio, TX] – Hot Wheels™ Monster Trucks Live will visit AT&T Center on Saturday, July 27th and Sunday, July 28th. The inaugural tour launched in January, brings the famous Hot Wheels Monster Trucks to life in a full-size, kid-focused, immersive Hot Wheels® experience for the first time ever!
The 26th Annual
Balcones Heights Jazz Festival
The 26th Annual Balcones Heights Jazz Festival is proud to announce its summer concert series, which features an all-female lineup for the first time! This year’s headliners and opening acts are widely recognized jazz musicians: Wednesday Ball, Ragan Whiteside, MiChelle Carey, Jessy J, Elizabeth Mis, Jeanette Harris, Kayla Waters and Lindsey Webster. During these four consecutive Friday evenings, the festival’s laid back and family-friendly atmosphere will This free festival celebrates jazz in and around Texas and brings together jazz lovers for a month of live and entertaining concerts.
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F: 210-451-9671
Hours of Operation
Monday - Friday 8 AM - 5 PM
(Closed 1-2 PM)

CLOSED Saturday & Sunday
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