May 2020
Stir crazy yet?
Dear HYE Yogis,

How to manage stir crazy? That is a loaded question. I wish I could write....we are opening x/x/20! Wish....lots of wishes right now.....right?!

" We all have the power to make wishes come true, as long as we keep believing." L M Alcott

Yes, I must keep believing that I, like you will get to the other side of this I journey to the other side is the critical part. I, like you are being tested daily. Tested in ways that are hard to articulate some days. Feeling feelings that maybe I have tried to avoid, shoved away, stayed busy from or simply ignored.

Maybe, you like me have shed a tear or two...or many?! I am practicing patience with myself and I send you strength of self-patience. I am embracing this extra down-time to take notice of my feelings that come up with more awareness. I feel, I like you have an opportunity to walk a little lighter in our step with each noticed sensation and recognized tender emotional moment.

Keep your at-home practice & movement STRONG! Let go of stir crazy and try to let be. I remember someone gave me a poem many years ago and one line that has stuck with me during times of challenge....went something like this......."will what appears to be a crisis today, really matter in 5 years?" Normally, my answer to this question is "no".....COVID-19 gets a big "YES". I, like you will likely be changed in some way forever. Soooo, I am trying to make positive change.....let go of pent up shxx more, keep my strong practice more, read more, enjoy the present moment more, value each human connection of any sort more and simply be grateful.

Yes, I get bouts of stir crazy followed by trying my best to feel what I feel, wish my wishes and keep faith in believing! I want my journey's story on the other side of "this" to be one of dignity, self-respect and wishful, everlasting hope! I wish that for you too!!

Much love & appreciation,

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