Did you know that you can create your own braiding in whatever color you need? I made some postcards recently and wanted to share this technique with you. What you need is either some plain white cording or 2 or 3 strands of yarn tied together at one end and some thread. Variegated thread is my favorite! Be sure you use the same thread in your bobbin. It helps if you have the Bernina #21 Braiding Foot which will ensure that your braid will remain round. I have tried making braiding with the 1C foot but it does flatten the braid a bit. With the 21 foot you will set your machine to zig zag with 5.5 mm maximum width. This foot allows you to feed your cording through the hole in the top and the groove on the bottom keeps from squishing your braid. Using a medium stitch length, zigzag over the cording/yard being careful not to pull the yarn through. You will need to stitch over this length of cord/yard 2 or 3 more times to make sure that it is completely covered with the thread. That is it! You can use this as an embellishment on clothing, quilts, wall hangings or postcards. Enjoy! Here is a link to the tutorial on the #21 foot.