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I talked with Mom last week and she had just come back from the apple orchard with delicious fresh picked apples. Temperatures were in the 60s, she had the windows open, and a gentle breeze was infusing the house with fresh air. Pumpkin patches are spring up. Footballs are in the air. Hallmark is in full swing advertising Christmas specials that will be airing soon. All signs that Fall has arrived! Here's what's happening in my neck of the woods.
On the Design Wall

My Posey Packet appliquéd blocks   by  Hoopla Designs  are growing on my design wall! These little ones have touches of embroidery. I have currently stitched 62 of the 72 blocks. Just 10 more to go! 

These are addicting, from choosing fabrics to stitching. They've become treasured friends. If I didn't have other stitching deadlines, I'd make lots more! 

Coming the first part of next year, we will have a class at Cinnamon's Quilt Shoppe to work on these posies. Stay tuned for upcoming details!

On the Road Again

No travel this month, but I did make a point of attending the Jacksonville Quiltfest with a friend and family member. It is an advantage having three sets of eyes looking at all the quilts and the new and wonderful products the vendors had to offer!   

There were many beautiful quilts displayed at the show. I had a particular favorite though, "My Bal-"tiny"-more Album Quit". 

This quilt was stitched by Leslie Lacika of St. Augustine, FL. Why my favorite? The blocks in her quilt were adapted from my book, The Art of Elegant Hand Embroidery. It blesses my day to see what others do with the designs and techniques offered in my books and patterns. Thank you Leslie for your lovely design!!!

While at Quiltfest, my friend spotted these sweet wool Christmas ornaments by  Primitive Gatherings . It's never too soon to start thinking about Christmas! They are super simple and fun to make. I made three ornaments in an afternoon. There are also kits and a pattern for snowmen available!

A little distraction from ongoing projects. Yes, I'm working on new designs and patterns. So now it's back to work!
Academy of Applique

Registration was a huge success for the  2020 Academy of Applique in Williamsburg, Virginia!

All the classes in the  catalog of classes did very well, and my classes are almost full

Both class samples are refreshed blocks from my book, The Art of Elegant Hand Embroidery The Floral Urn features lessons in floral embroidery, ribbon work and beading. The  Grape Wreath & Chalice class  offers lessons in stump work techniques, also known as surface embroidery.  

Be sure to sign up as soon as possible if you would like to join me for either of these classes! Please feel free to email me with any questions about either class.  I would love the opportunity to stitch with you!   You can register for classes here .

In The Classroom

NEW! Embroidery Sampler Book
2nd Saturday of each month, September  2019 through January 2020, 10:30 am - 12:30pm
Cinnamon's  Quilt Shoppe

I have had numerous requests for an embroidery class that would not involve another UFO project. I think this one may fit the bill!

You'll learn lots of stitches and techniques . Two options will be offered for turning the samples into pages for a small embroidery sample book. A great reference tool for your other projects!

Hawaiian Applique
2nd Saturday of each month, November 2019 through January 2020, 1:00 p.m. - 3:30 p.m.
Cinnamon's  Quilt Shoppe

This class offers two preparation methods for needle turn appliqué, the traditional Hawaiian style and perfect placement applique. 

You will also learn how to stitch smooth curves and pointy points.

A great beginner class and a class for experienced appliqués who would like to hone their skills.

For Your Library

I have been in a Florence Peto state of mind the last couple of months working on the Posey Packets. Along those lines, this is a new acquisition for my stitching library, American Quilts and Coverlets, by Florence Peto. 

In 1949, Chanticleer Press encouraged Florence to write this small but compressive historian survey and handbook on quilt and coverlet making, as they put it, "as charming and decorative a folk art as the United States has developed." They considered Florence one of the foremost authorities on the subject and were very proud of this publication. 

It includes what they considered famous quilting patterns and techniques of the time, as well as narrative placing quilting in its context throughout the centuries. This is a little gem to include on your library shelf. 
Stitching Companions

This is Josie. She loves cuddling on your lap, and loves to be close by whenever I'm stitching. 

She too, like our other furry family members, has never found a quilt she doesn't love!

Our fur babies bring such joy! Each one is a treasure and a blessing.

In Closing

The pumpkin...center stage during the fall season. We decorate our homes and fill our bellies with wonderful desserts and treats made with this orange gourd.  But did you know pumpkins are packed with important nutrients and vitamins? Pumpkin is good for you eyesight, reduces the risk of getting cancer, helps your skin look healthy and youthful, it's heart healthy, and is good for weight loss! 

Here are some fun facts about this favorite Fall fruit, including top recipes. Enjoy some pumpkin this Fall and the upcoming holiday season!

Until next month,
Stay stitching,


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