Parts Sale
Recently, we emailed our dealers to discuss inventory and items available for sale to our dealers.  Some of our dealers do not stock SwedeTech parts.  These dealers may not have access to some items in the near future.  

However, we have the inventory needed to supply the end user.  If you have any questions about our parts or inventory status, do not hesitate to contact us.  We have had to make some changes in our dealer network to make sure the end user was supplied with the right parts.
Stock Up Before the Big Races
Sale Ends Oct. 3
At the beginning of the year, we offered deep discounts on Honda Parts and expendables such as spark plugs and fuel filters.  We received a huge amount of positive feedback from these sales that we decided to do it again before the Biggest races of the year.  

These prices won't last long because our margins are just too small.

Stock up now to save big.

1999 Honda CR125 Top End Kit -

2001 Honda CR125 Top End Kit -

Honda CR125 Clutch Pack -

1999 Honda CR125 O-ring Exhaust Manifold -

OE Keihin Main Jets -

OE Keihin Pilot Jets -

Fuel Line and Fuel Filters -

NGK Spark Plugs -

Motul Lubricants -

On Sale Items Section -

Bundle Sale Items -
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Each product on our shopping cart is assigned a points value.  That points value is totaled and you can use reward points on your next shopping cart order.  Currently 100 reward points are worth $1 dollar towards your next purchase.  

Some items have bonus points.  We also offer additional bonus points for orders over $1250.00
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When you log into your account, you can see how many points you have accumulated.  SwedeTech even offers special promotions in which we will add bonus reward points to your account. 

Don miss out, register today.  And if you are registered, go count your points.

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