September 12, 2018
Durham Farmers' Market Newsletter
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Saturdays 8:00 am-Noon
Wednesdays 3:00-6:00 pm
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Hurtgen Meadows
Fickle Creek Farm
DFM Accepts
SNAP Benefits
The Durham Farmers' Market  proudly accepts SNAP benefits. To use your EBT
card at the Market, please visit the Market info table
at the center of the Pavilion.

The Double Bucks Program allows SNAP customers to receive double the amount of money they spend on tokens for purchases up to $10. 

The Market is working
closely with RAFI as our fiscal sponsor. Read more about
the program and our partnership  HERE

Thank you to everyone who donated to the Double Bucks program! We couldn't do it without you!
Farmer Foodshare Donation Station 
Farmer Foodshare's Donation Station Program collects donations of fresh food and cash from customers at the Durham Farmers' Market. The money is used directly at the market to purchase food from farmers; that food is then donated those who are hungry in our community. Farmer Foodshare's mission is to connect our local farmers with those who need food! Please visit  or volunteer  at our Durham Farmers' Market Donation Station! 

And don't forget to participate in the Donor Rewards Program. Get a sticker on your card every time you make a donation of cash or food. Once your card is full, you can redeem it for a free  item at one of Farmer Foodshare's local sponsors!














We look forward to seeing you at market today! The rest of the week our farmers will be busy preparing their animals, crops, farms, and homes for the weather we have coming in at the end of the week. 


Stop by market today to pick up easy to slice peppers, tomatoes, and cucumbers. There will also be fresh bread and cheese for easy sandwiches and meat for the grill.


The market wishes you a safe and happy week!


Charlotte Minguez
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Fresh this Week  
VEGETABLES:  Eggplant, Garlic, Corn, Summer Squash, Onions, Beans, Cucumbers, Okra, Zucchini, Beets, Peppers, Dried & Fresh Herbs and Spices, Tomatoes,  and much more!

FRUIT:  Peaches, Watermelon,  Grapes & More

MEATS AND EGGS:  Pork, Beef, Lamb, Mutton, Chicken, Chicken Eggs


SPECIALTY ITEMS:  Baked Goods, Breads, Jams, Jellies, and more!

Produce availability depends on weather conditions.
Hurtgen Meadows Farm
The calm after the permitting we will be at the Wednesday market.

We will be bringing yellow and green beans, cucumbers, arugula, a variety of tomatoes, potatoes, bell, lunchbox and hot peppers, eggplant, sweet onions, fall squash and garlic. 
Our new hens are finally laying eggs daily.  We'll have fresh eggs from our free-ranging happy chickens that are fed organic grains.
We will have beautiful, seasonal flower bunches.
Current varieties available include peach, kiwi, strawberry, sweet onion and pepper jam.  Our award winning jams and jellies are made in small batches using local ingredients. Our family has made jams for multiple generations and we are happy to share with our customers.
All of Hurtgen Meadows produce, plants, fruits and flowers are naturally grown using sustainable practices - no synthetic pesticides, herbicides, or fertilizers are ever used on our farm.  We'll see you at the market!

Fickle Creek Farm
Please pre-order here  by **11 am** and we will hold your order at market until 5.30 pm!
10% off purchases of $100 or more!  

Fi ckle Creek Farm at Market SEPTEMBER 12..

Don't forget to order Hurricane Florence supplies that DO NOT need refrigeration... 

BEEF JERKY, 3 oz pkg, $9
BEEF STICKS (Hot, Mild, Sweet), 1 oz stick, $2.50; 12 for $27
BEEF BITES, 4 oz pkg, $8
PORK SALAMI, ~6 oz chub, $11; 2 for $20

Plentiful supply of Pork Salami and Sweet Beef Stick, rest is limited supply.
FRESH THIS WEEK: Animal Welfare Approved, Certified Grass Fed BEEF!! 
Never fed any grain and raised completely on pasture! 
Steaks: Filet, New York, Ribeye (Bone In and Boneless), Boneless Sirloin, Flatiron, Skirt, Hangar
Roasts: Chuck, Eye of Round, Shoulder Pot, Sirloin Tip, London Broil
Ground Beef, Smoked Kielbasa (frozen), Short Ribs
Early orders filled first!
Fall-Winter CSA signup continues!
Get 29 weeks of the best meats, poultry, and turkey our farm offers.
Save 10% on the CSA as well as ALL OTHER meat, poultry, & turkey purchases!
Hot Dogs have RETURNED!! Super tasting and made from Grass Fed Beef and Pasture and Woodland Raised, Free Range Pork. $10 per pound! 

September SpecialsPre-order Only!
**Pasture & Woodland Raised, Free Range Pork
Bone In Loin Roast / Double Rib Cut Pork Chops, $3 off each pack
Pre-order all standard cuts of beef, chicken, and pork using this  simple order web link!

  • Pasture & Woodland Raised, Free Range ** PORK  **
  • 100% Grass Fed & Finished, Pasture Raised ** LAMB & MUTTON ** (never fed any grain)
  • Free Range, Pasture Raised ** CHICKEN ** fed only Non-GMO Feed
  • 100% Grass Fed and Grass Finished, Pasture Raised ** BEEF ** (never fed any grain!)
  • Deli Meats: Bologna (Pork or Beef), Salami (Pork & Beef), Pate, Roast Beef
  • Free Range and Pastured Hen Eggs
  • No Nitrate Beef Snack Sticks & Bites (Mild, Hot, or Sweet) & Jerky
  • Soup, Stew, & Stock Ingredients
  • Never Sprayed Produce
10% off purchases of $100 or more! 
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Durham Farmers' Market Animal Policy
Please note that the Durham Farmers' Market does not allow dogs or other pets in the market area during Market hours.  Service animals are exempt from this rule.

Leashed pets are welcome elsewhere throughout Durham Central Park.