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Global-Pak Transitioning
Since our most recent purchase of property and buildings, we have started the transition from our Columbiana, OH facility to our new location near Lisbon, OH. This facility will aid us in better communication and help us serve our customers more efficiently. Many of the warehouse items, stocked bags and new orders will be transitioning from one location to another, however, we will continue to deliver excellent service your accustomed to during this time. We appreciate your
support and look forward to serving you for years to come.

Global-Pak Accordion Folded Liner Installation Instructions

Global-Pak, Inc. 3 mil and 5 mil accordion folded liners are designed to be easily installed in either 20 or 30 yard roll off boxes by one person from outside the box. Once a person becomes familiar with the process, a liner can easily be installed by one person in well under two minutes. The below steps are a simple guidelines to installation:

  1. Begin by opening the outer poly packaging being careful not to damage the liner

  2. Carefully unfold the first two folds in the liner to create a long rectangle that will be accordion folded over onto itself. At this step you will be able to identify the center seam or opening in the liner and ensure that it is facing up.

  3. Carefully drape the liner over any corner of the roll off box and grab the first fold in the liner.

  4. You will now walk the length of the container holding onto that first fold in the liner, causing the liner to unfold lengthwise.

  5. Once you have reached the end of the container you will swing the liner over the short end of the container as demonstrated in the liner install video.

  6. You can now walk down the other side of the container pulling the liner over the side as you proceed.

  7. Depending on the size of the container there should be a 1-2 feet of overhang of the liner material folded over the top of the box.

  8. At this time the liner should be fully installed and ready to receive product. As a precaution you can cut one corner of the liner and form a knot in it pulling the liner slightly tighter.


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                       For more liner information Visit our website!  or call  888-225-9828
Again, thank you so much for your support and allowing us to share our news with you. We look forward to growing your business and ours.

Wishing you all a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from Everyone at Global-Pak, Inc.


Kevin Channell
Global-Pak, Inc.