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Your Donations Plus Caring Staff Are a Win-Win
Thanks to your generous donations to SSPA's fundraiser, Stockton Animal Shelter staff now have all the gear they need to work with dogs!

Staff received kits that include air horns, break sticks, water bottles, treat rolls, treat pouches, shake cans, compressed air and citronella spray - everything they need to safely do their jobs!

And their staff is doing a phenomenal job of putting dogs first and setting them up for success, as you can see on the board for their large-breed dogs (pictured)!

Dogs are getting out at least twice daily and getting critical enrichment and socialization through playgroups, walking and more!

On Sunday, Stockton staff microchipped a fearful dog. What did they use to put the pup at ease? The treats!

We are so impressed by their desire to truly make a difference, learn as much as possible and increase positive outcomes for pets! It's been a joy to work alongside them!

Huge thumbs up to Stockton and thank you so much for your steadfast support!
Happy Tails
Dakota's living large with his family!

This absolutely adorable boy was returned to the Sacramento County shelter for not getting along with other dogs.

He landed in an awesome SSPA foster home with three other dogs plus kids - and was so impressive with how he fit in, that they made it official and adopted him (aka “foster failed”)!

Dakota is a rock star - and a prime example of why we don’t judge a dog off of one experience. Multiple factors contribute to certain outcomes, so we look beyond the labels and really try to get to know each and every dog.

At SSPA it’s all about going the extra mile to set up each dog for success and let them know they matter! We want all of our pups to thrive in a home that matches their needs, and for families to get extra happiness by adopting a new best friend.

We’re so happy for Dakota and his awesome family!
Duke, formally Peterbuilt, is making himself right at home with his family!

His adopter Jorilyn said, "Duke is resting comfortably in his new home. He’s a super sweet boy. The kids absolutely love him. Just need to get him to stop stealing all the blankets and stuffed animals 🤣"

Hilarious and heartwarming!

Congratulations Duke, and thank you to his adopters!
These seven super-adorable Stockton pups found their homes recently!

Clockwise from top left: Maggie, Rocco, Avery, Banjo, Zucchini, Buddy and Sadie (pictured with her adopters) went home with families of their very own. Marvelous Maggie will now be an Idaho resident!

A huge congratulations to all of these lucky pups and their adopters!
Don’t forget: We offer post-adoption counseling to help with your new dog’s transition into your home! Email! You can send "Happy Tails" updates there as well!
Fosters Needed
These dogs are also available for adoption.

This beautiful girl is looking for a loving, patient and understanding family who can help build her confidence.

The stress of shelter life is super rough for Rosie, so she's looking for a low-key environment where she can decompress.

Rosie needs someone to show her what love is, build trust and socialization, and take things slowly.

Can you offer Rosie a safe space and show her the world is not such a scary place? Fill out a foster application today.

This stunning boy is seeking an experienced foster to help him build confidence and come out of his shell.

He’s been struggling at the shelter and needs someone patient and understanding to show him that everything’s OK and the world isn’t so scary.

Are you up for this rewarding gig? Fill out a foster application today.

This ray of sunshine is ready to move in with you! Just look at those ears and that smile!

Rex is a sweet young boy looking for a loving foster home.

He prefers no other dogs in a future home, but promises to serve you up the sweetest smiles and bring you plenty of joy!

Ready to foster Rex? Fill out a foster application today.

This big, handsome boy is super happy, social and playful.

He has fun puppy energy (since he's only 1), so he'd do best in a home with another playful dog or foster who can keep up.

He's potty-trained and loves running!

Tate is nothing short of amazing! Ready to foster him? Fill out a foster application today.
Join Us This Weekend at the Ranch
Join us for our next volunteer day this coming weekend at the former Boys Ranch (our future home)!

We'll be meeting up at 9:30 a.m. this Saturday, March 6.

Email to sign up.

We truly can't thank you enough for your support!
Help SSPA Save More Lives
Get to Know a Member of the SSPA Team!
In this series, we'll feature one - or more - of our team members each week!
Q&A with volunteer Kimberly Felix

How long have you been part of SSPA and what inspired you to be part of the team?
I adopted my dog Chowder from SSPA in May 2017. While at the shelter meeting Chowder I met SSPA founder Delyse. She spent some time with us telling us all about playgroups and the skills the dogs learn during their time with SSPA. I knew that I wanted to be a part of making sure other dogs received the same compassionate care Chowder had. I started volunteering the following September and it’s one of the greatest decisions I’ve ever made.

What’s the best thing about being a member of #TeamSSPA?
SSPA is the kind of team that embraces you. They encourage you to grow and to learn. The behavior team cares so deeply about every dog they encounter and their enthusiasm is felt throughout the team. When you show up to volunteer with SSPA you know you are joining a team with a common goal. I have learned so much in my time volunteering with SSPA and I am a better person for it.
What moment during your time with SSPA is most memorable for you?
It’s hard to pick a most memorable time because so many of the dogs I’ve met have had a lasting impression with me. But I think one moment that made me truly feel the impact SSPA has on the lives of shelter dogs was a dog named Tinkerbell. She came into the shelter and needed some confidence building. After a few walks with her she began to trust me more and the first time she rolled over to initiate cuddles and belly rubs let me know that my time spent with her was as meaningful to her as it was to me.
What do you hope to help SSPA accomplish in the future?
The SSPA behavior team consists of some of the most hardworking, passionate and dedicated people I have ever met. I know that anything they set out to achieve will be accomplished. I hope that SSPA can continue to grow in order to help even more dogs throughout our community.

What is your favorite thing about your pets?
I recently had my first child and the smile she gets on her face whenever Chowder is near is one of my absolute favorite sights. I love Chowder’s ability to know when I’m having a rough day and to cuddle.

Any final thoughts?
SSPA is such an amazing organization and I can’t wait to see the impact they will have on our communities as they continue to grow.
We'd love to share your story! Have your own SSPA story to share and/or want to be interviewed for SSPA's newsletter? Email us at!
Adoptable Dogs in Foster

Adorable pup alert!

This sweet boy recently landed in an SSPA foster home!

He's seeking a family that will help him gain confidence and teach him how amazing being a family dog can be.

Can you help teach this cutie that the world is a safe and happy place?

If you’re up for this rewarding experience, fill out an adoption application!

Take a chance on ... Chance!

This handsome fella is soft and sweet.

He’s also timid, and wants to be affectionate but will shy away.

He’s very gentle and mannerly and needs a family to show him that he is safe and loved.

Ready to bring this adorable boy home? Fill out an adoption application!

This lover girl is one cutie patootie!

Her foster says, "Cam is turning out to be a great little dog! She is actually really good with kids. She loves to ride in the car!"

Ready to give this sweetheart a loving home?! Fill out an adoption application!

This guy is the epitome of a gentle giant!

He loves to love and is a cuddling pro. He enjoys walks in the neighborhood, naps, snacks and all the lady dogs in town. He’s looking for his forever home where he can just chill and soak up all the cuddles.

If you’re looking for the best boy, the most chill, Abe is 100% your guy. He knows how to sit and stay, and Abe will melt your heart with his affectionate, laidback attitude!

Ready to bring him home?! Fill out an adoption application.

This boy would love nothing more than to be a family’s beloved pet!

He’s come so far from the terrified, shut-down pup we first met at the shelter. With positive reinforcement and two playful, confident female dogs, he’s flourishing every day!

He’s sweet, LOVES to play with the dogs in his foster home, and becomes your shadow once you’ve gained his trust. He also enjoys long walks and hikes.

Eli is hoping to find a forever home soon with a confident female dog and a loving, supportive family who will help him continue to come out of his shell! There’s not much more rewarding than that!

Ready to adopt?! Fill out an adoption application!

This adorable dude is a volunteer favorite!

He takes a little time to warm up to people, so he’s looking for a patient and understanding family.

He could be paired with a well-matched female dog in his new home.

Once you gain his trust, he does zoomies and flops over for belly rubs!

Ready to bring him home?! Fill out an adoption application.

This boy came to the shelter in bad shape. He was an outdoor dog, chained in a kennel his entire life.

With the help of our awesome SSPA team and his foster, he's developed more confidence and learned that life can be good.

Let us tell you - this boy is resilient! He had owners who didn't show him an ounce of compassion, but now he's found a way to trust and even show his silly side.

Understandably, he can take a bit to develop trust, but once he does, he's marvelous!

He's low maintenance, mellow and easy to please, and has successfully lived with cats and other dogs!

Ready to bring him home? Apply to adopt him.

Mother of Dragons? More like Mother of Sweetness!

This is one easygoing and precious senior girl. She truly just wants to be by your side.

She’d be fine with a gentle male dog in the home.

She’s truly a rock star of a dog - and so sweet!

Ready to bring her home? Fill out an adoption application!
Want to see all adoptable dogs? Visit or!
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