Kyle Boyd, Colorado DOR, Motor Vehicle Titles & Registration Section, has forwarded the following information regarding stolen Arizona Title Blanks.  

If you come across any of the titles with the control numbers listed in this bulletin, contact your local law enforcement agency.  Remember, these have all been reported as stolen and will not be accepted as legal transfer of ownership. Download the article below for full details and title control numbers.

CAPSS just introduced a new, on-line Colorado Motor Vehicle Title Seminar.  We are getting great feedback on this seminar - so give it a try if you are struggling with title issues, or just want to learn more.

Other on-line classes are:

  • Getting the Car Deal Rolling - Great for the new dealer, salesperson or title clerk.  This class walks you through the sale and title paperwork, and has a downloadable manual.
  • Compliance - The Well-Informed Dealer/Salesperson - This class reviews Colorado compliance regulations, some federal regulations, and will prepare you for an audit by the Colorado Auto Industry Division.
  • Mastery Exam Seminar - This class prepares the sales applicant for the Mastery Exam.  Two practice tests are included.  (The actual Mastery Exam must be administered by a registered dealer or third party administrator - CAPSS or CIADA.)

Both CAPSS and CIADA also offer in-person Pre-Licensing Classes.  Contact CAPSS for classes in Montrose, and CIADA for classes in Lakewood!

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