Stolen Equipment Alert
A Pierce County Planning & Public Works crew had their Leica MS-50 Total Station stolen yesterday in Fife (70 th AVE E & 45 th ST CT E). 

A car pulled up next to it, threw it into the back of a sedan and took off…all within 20-30 secs. 

The instruments information:
Leica NOVA MS50 1” MultiStation
UNIT-I ESD#5300 Serial No. 369936


1 Alliance also reports stolen equipment with similar circumstances. 

A van drove up next to the setup, slowed down, didn’t stop, scooped the instrument and legs into the side of a van and drove off.

This pattern has been occurring so far in Federal Way, Fife and Tacoma. This seems to be an organized group of individuals stealing these instruments.

It is recommended that you photograph any suspicious vehicles or people near your setups and consider using tracking devices.

Land Surveyors' Association of Washington
T. (888) 994-2845