October 25, 2017
Stonegate Elementary Celebrates
2017 California Flood Preparedness Week
West Sac Flood Protect is the city-wide agency committed to keeping families safe from flooding through levee improvements and flood risk reduction.

To keep residents, families, business owners and students informed about flood risk, West Sac Flood Protect will participate in 2017 California Flood Preparedness Week starting October 23.

Some activities this year include:

  • Flood Preparedness Week news conference on Wednesday, October 25 at Stonegate Elementary School.

  • Interactive and educational Flood Challenge computer game available online for students grades 1 through 4.

You can participate by encouraging your teachers, PTO and students to Plan. Pack. Protect. and learn more about flood preparedness at http://westsacfloodprotect.com/preparedness

Students can play West Sac Flood Protect’s educational computer game and meet mascots, Petra the Planner, Polly the Packer and Pedro the Protector at WestSacFloodProtect.com/FloodChallenge

At the end of the game, students take a pledge to be flood prepared and talk to their parents about what they learned at school. 

It’s up to the City of West Sacramento to prepare for a flood before it happens by making emergency kits, identifying emergency contacts and creating a plan. 

Do your part and learn more at WestSacFloodProtect.com.
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