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Aloha Friends,

The stone was rolled away! His Perfect Love could not be overcome!
In my own life and as an Episcopal priest and Spiritual Director, I know that the orthodox (literal) teaching of the resurrection can be a big stumbling block to many people.

Several years ago, I read (and recommend), Jesus Answer to God by Jungian analyst Elizabeth Boyden Howe. In her chapter on the resurrection, she invites the reader to consider alternative explanations to all the speculations about the empty tomb. She writes, “What if the body had not been stolen and was there but was not seen as a corpse because of a transformation in the women who had a vision of a new figure?”

I realized we have gotten so wrapped up in what happened to the badly beaten body of Jesus instead of considering that a stone was definitely rolled away in the minds of the women. Instead of seeing death, their minds experienced a transformation and they were able to see Jesus alive in a beautiful new way.

The resurrection was not a one-time event. Death and rebirth happen every day. Howe says that the ability to unite, reconcile, heal the opposites and ambivalences into a life that is fully desired by the human and the divine is “graspable” by all of us. I am sure Jesus would agree.

I passed out stones to everyone that Easter weekend, inviting us all to roll away the stones in our minds in order for a new consciousness, like that of the two Mary’s, to take over. It’s a discipline I continue to this day. I recommend picking up a stone and carrying it in your pocket every day during Eastertide.

Jesus is alive! Perfect love can never be overcome. Where do you see him? His love is there and we sing Alleluia!

Joy, joy, joy! He is risen!
~Pastor Gae+

P.S. Here’s my Easter stone...


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A Beautiful Day to Celebrate the Resurrection
UPDATE! Labyrinth at Christ Memorial - Place the Stones!
Mark your Calendar: May 4, 9:00 - 11:00 am
Labyrinths are a wonderful way to quiet the mind and move deep into the heart. As we continue to expand our ministry, “Sanctuary for the Spirit,” inviting locals and tourists to take a break and rest in the presence of God, we are adding a labyrinth for meditation on the back lawn next to our burial grounds. Bob Vlach, the Kaua`i “labyrinth guy” will be marking and trenching the design.

On Saturday, May 4th, we are asking for volunteers to help place the stones that outline the path. For those interested in being part of our Labyrinth Ministry, see Pastor Gae. For more information on the spirituality of labyrinths, go to .

“A labyrinth is an ancient symbol that relates to wholeness, combining the imagery of the circle and the spiral into a meandering but purposeful path. It represents a journey to our own center and back again out into the world. Labyrinths have long been used as meditation and prayer tools. They have been found in ancient Crete, Egypt, and Etruscia; they have been inscribed on Neolithic tombs. They are a call to the center, a worship structure where the eternal beloved waits to be encountered.

The labyrinth has always been associated with unity with God and conversation with the divine, with spirituality, worship, and the sacred mystery. Long ago, Christians were expected to travel to the holy land at least once during their lives. But as travel was often both difficult and dangerous, labyrinths were designed as alternative pilgrimages. If travel was out of the question, spiritual merit could be gained by walking a labyrinth. “ ~ Holy Cross Episcopal Church, Simsonville, SC

Bishop's Committee Meeting
This Sunday 10:45- Noon in the Church Office

The Bishop’s Committee is charged with doing the “business” of the church. All are invited to observe the meeting. We are always appreciative of feedback as we work to grow our church, so if you have ideas, there is time in the meeting for Comments for the “Good of the Church” or contact Pastor Gae at .
Men’s Fellowship: Every Monday, 9:00 am
Kilauea Bakery and Pizza (Kong Lung Market Center)
Christ Memorial Men’s Fellowship group is growing! We meet every Monday morning at 9:00am for coffee or breakfast at the Kilauea Bakery.

For more information, see Patrick O’Connell at worship or email him at .
Join the Fun at Helen Mitsui Shared Blessing Thrift Shop

Interested in joining the fun and camaraderie of running our Thrift Shop? See how we make it all happen behind the scenes. Several shifts are available during our business hours, or meet-up with our fellowship team on Sundays 11:00 am -12:00 noon to help us tidy up.
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Monday: closed

Special Ministry of Christ Memorial ~ Open for Prayer
Monday-Friday 9:00 am - 4:00 pm
Feeling a little overwhelmed with life? Just drop in to Christ Memorial for a little peace and quiet.

One important ministry of Christ Memorial is the opening of our church doors, Monday through Friday, during the day. It’s amazing the number of people who drop in to pray, meditate, or just to seek a few minutes of quiet. Unfortunately fear has crept into many churches. Pastor Gae believes our country would be very different if all churches kept their doors unlocked.

Our Sunday prayer list includes those whom our visitors have asked us to pray.

Live off island? If you have a prayer intention or would like to pray for those on our prayer list, email Pastor Gae at .

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Christ Memorial wants to be known in the community as a healing place for the body, mind and spirit. We are seeking support and recovery groups to meet on the property, either in the Parish Hall or the Office. If you know of a group looking for a place to meet: grief support, eating disorders, anxiety, Al-Anon, Gamblers Anonymous, etc., please tell them to contact us.

If you know of a group looking for a place to meet: grief support, eating disorders, anxiety, Al-Anon, Gamblers Anonymous, etc., please tell them to contact Pastor Gae.

Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) groups meet at Christ Memorial Parish Hall every week on these days and times:

  • Tuesday at 10:00 am
  • Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday at 7:30 pm
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