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Stop Avoiding Critical Conversations 

A new year brings new opportunities, IF we change the way we did things last year.
Critical conversations are a necessary part of enterprise. Workplace conflict doesn't just go away. It festers. It becomes bigger than the original cause, and when it's ignored by supervisors and managers, a culture of resentment, anger and frustration breeds, resulting in poor moral, low productivity, staff turnover and the possibility of violence.
Why do leaders let this happen? They just simply don't have the tools to manage conflict effectively, so they avoid it altogether, which has a negative impact on the organization, and the long-term careers of the leaders themselves.  For any manager, supervisor or leader, the ability to confront problems and handle conflict is not optional.
We don't have to wait for those in leadership roles to 'right the ship'. All staff have the ability to stand up, speak up and master their workplace relationships. We must embrace conflict and confront the challenges by having conversations that will clear us of resentment and negative emotions, while maintaining good relationships and rapport with colleagues.
You can defuse conflict effectively and return to productive relationships. Here are two initial steps.
#1 - Take responsibility for creating the workplace atmosphere and business success that you want to work within. Don't leave it up to someone else. Be a leader, at least of yourself, and other will likely be inspired to follow regardless of whether you have a leadership position or not.
#2 - Seek to understand people by listening to them. If you feel a sense of disagreement with someone or some circumstances, chances are you might not know enough about them, or it, and seeking to understand is a great way to let others speak while you hone your listening skills. These skills are the least popular, but the most appreciated by the human spirit.
For more advanced techniques, seek and you shall find. They're not far.  Group training and individual coaching in Workplace Relationships and Assertive and Confrontational Skills for the entire team is just a phone call away.
Penny Tremblay
Director, Tremblay Leadership Center

Upcoming Meetings and Events

03:00 pm

March 23, 2016 at 07:00 pm

Boreal Berry Farm & Winery
Saint-Charles ON

Games run at 3pm, 5pm and 7pm Daily until March 23! 

Boreal Winery's Escape Room Games are reality room escape games based on computer and mobile phone games. Escape rooms are an increasingly popular real life, interactive puzzle filled environment that challenges you to think your way out of a locked room. An escape adventure from the ordinary world inside four walls. It's about team building, working together and getting to know one another's strengths and weaknesses to solve a mental challenge and test your skills. Get to know your teammates like never before in this popular group reality experience! When you arrive Our Wine Maker will explain the challenge and the rules. Upon entering the climate controlled cellar with your team the cellar door is locked behind you. Forty Five minutes is set on the clock and you must work together in order to find clues, solve puzzles and escape the cellar in this real life adventure that will lead to your escape. It is part scavenger hunt, part puzzle game and part mystery solving...time is ticking! Find hidden objects, make creative leaps, crack codes, solve puzzles and discover secrets that stand between you and your escape.

Book a Boreal Escapes Game. All Games include the Escape Room Game, and a tasting session of two of our Wines or non-alcoholic Ice Ciders, hosted by our wine maker! The cost is $28.00 per person. Event is 19+. 
Our Great Cellar Escape Room Game is for 6 to 16 participants.
To Book tickets CLICK HERE
or call 705-920-7096

The Cellar Caper Coming spring 2016!

February 12th & 13th
9:00 pm

Lavigne Tavern
10521 Hwy 64
Lavigne, ON

To many, The Weber Brothers are the baddest band in the land. To many others, their story sits like an ancient volume in an old bookstore, dust covered, tucked away behind hundreds of newer, shinier books. Untouched. Waiting to be discovered. Regardless of what side you're on, there's an undeniable truth. In the rough and tumble world of rock and roll, The Weber Brothers have been around the block.

Over the last decade they've recorded several independent albums and toured extensively throughout the U.S., Canada and Europe, joined by keyboardist extraordinaire/longtime partner-in-crime Shai "Cookie" Peer and young hot-shot drummer Marcus Browne, recently adding multi-instrumentalist Rico Browne.

In October 2012 the brothers were invited to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame American Music Masters Tribute to Chuck Berry in Cleveland where they shared the stage with Merle Haggard, Lemmy Kilmister, Darryl "DMC" McDaniels, Rick Derringer, Joe Bonamassa, Earl Slick, Steve Jordan and the father of Rock and Roll himself, Chuck Berry.

Between their renowned musical ability, high-energy, awe-inspiring performances and lessons learned first hand from rock n' roll pioneers, a reputation as the "baddest band in the land", "heroes of this generation" and "the future in the big shoes of the past" now precedes them.


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