Stop Doing That, Judgey McJudgeFace
March At C-Level
Holy smokes, it’s the end of March already??!!
Q1 is nearly gone. If you’re not already almost 25% of the way to meeting your targets, you’re behind the power curve. That should either energize you, or scare the hell out of you.
It’s not too late to put a new plan into action, but we might advise planning on only 75% of the year to execute it.
Big News: The 2021 Survey of Senior leadership summary is available for doownload. Click it and get it!
This month’s issue includes an admonistion to stop doing some things and the realization that just because a particular behavior has been accepted doesn’t make that behavior acceptable.
The March edition of At C-Level.

  1. Would It Kill You to Stop Doing That? -- It’s faster to just stop doing stupid shit
  2. Accepted Doesn’t Mean Acceptable… even if we’ve always done it that way
  3. The 2021 Survey of Senior leadership (SSL) summary is available to download!
We live in “interesting” times. Let us know if we can help in any way – we’re here for you.
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Would It Kill You to Stop Doing That?
-- It’s faster to just stop doing stupid shit

By D. Kevin Berchelmann

The title above is from a book of the same name by Henry Alford, who tries to showcase the purpose and principles of this modern guide to manners — and what's happened to them in
our crazy-fast, interconnected culture. A major premise of his book is for us to know the things we should stop doing, hence the name.
And damn, is it appropriate for leadership success.
When coaching clients, there’s only a couple of ways to help them become demonstrably better at leading: Start doing things they haven’t been doing or Stop doing things they shouldn’t be doing.
In my experience, it’s infinitely easier – and a hell of a lot faster – to stop doing something than it is to learn, internalize and demonstrate a new behavior.
Why? Well, it’s likely some simple human-behavior-psychology mumbo-jumbo or such, but for me, it’s mostly just common sense. For instance:

Accepted Doesn’t Mean Acceptable
… even if we’ve always done it that way

By Kevin Ross

We Texans were a little bit whiney last month during SNOWVID-21, but most of us are better now that we’re back to the old normal of the global pandemic. There are still some recovery efforts and healing going on that are teaching lessons “we” thought we’d already known. That’s the royal “we” because it’s less damning than saying I.

Like untold numbers of Texans, my wife slipped on the ice last month and broke a bone. It’s the shoulder attached to her dominant hand rendering her mostly unable to fend for herself for the last few weeks. I thought the occasional use of humor would take the edge off of her frustration; apparently, I used the phrase peeling her grapes and feeding her bon bons one too many times.

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Triangle Performance LLC's 2021 Survey of Senior Leadership is ready for prime time! Well over 100 respondents, coupled with a pandemic and other utter craziness in our midst, and it’s not surprising that Anticipating Change, leading in a VUCA environment and Pandemic plans and responses all weighed heavily on our minds.

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