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Emergency Action Required

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Stop Federal "Deal" to Microwave LA County via Satellite

This upcoming vote possibly as early as next week in LA County has national and possibly global implications.

1) What is happening
2) Supervisors Contact Info
3) Sample Script for Phone Calls
4) Sample Email
5) If You Are a Scientist, Doctor or RF Specialist
6) If you already had an LA RICS cell tower installed please DO NOT ACCEPT this "deal", your cell tower will still be removed.

1) What is Happening

take a moment from your busy day and call the LA County Board of Supervisors and tell them to please REJECT the new LA RICS/First Net revised proposal to blanket via satellite with microwave radiation, all of Los Angeles County!!   They will also be putting up 47 new surveillance capable cell towers.


This new federal proposal is in lieu of the recently rejected plan of installing cell towers all over the county in peoples back yards, on fire stations, etc.

Los Angeles residents may have to act on our own this time, without the assistance of the Fire Fighters Union or the Policeman's League, which means we have to show an extra strong show of force in numbers.  Although we love our fire fighters, the  union's stance is they only act on behalf of the fire fighters, so now that their fire stations are in the clear, they may not be objecting to this deadly scheme.  So we are going to have to stand up for ourselves and do this without them...and we CAN!!!

2) Supervisors Contact Info

PLEASE CALL YOUR SUPERVISOR TODAY AND PASS THIS EMAIL ON TO EVERYONE YOU KNOW IN LA COUNTY AND BEYOND!!  I say beyond because if it happens here, it will undoubtedly branch out to other areas all over the US and possibly world and there will be NO MORE AREAS AT ALL THAT ARE MICROWAVE RADIATION FREE!!

Here are the supervisor's phone #s and emails.  If you email, please ALSO CALL!!!  This is VERY important!!  They count the phone calls and if enough people speak out, they may reject this new even deadlier alternative proposal.  But they MUST HERE FROM US!!
There are only 5 supervisors total.  Even a 3-2 vote would be enough to stop this.  The vote could be as early as next Tues., the 21st of April, as LA RICS is set to LOSE the Federal funding on this if an alternative proposal is not approved by the Board of Sups. immediately.

Here is their contact info:
Supervisor Mark Ridley-Thomas  (213) 974-2222  

Supervisor Sheila Kuehl  (213) 974-3333     

(Mr. Knabe is the only one who was in favor of LA RICS last time, but for political reasons he voted with the rest of the committee to reject LA RICS/First Net cell tower plan, so he still needs to hear from you).

The reason the supervisors voted to reject the LA RICS/First Net cell towers was primarily based on political pressure, with some very refreshing distrust of the science they were hearing from the industry.  But we need to apply even more political pressure now that we have lost the fire fighters and police in this fight.  We need to fend for ourselves here.  We can do it, but we have to act now.

3) Sample Script for Phone Calls

Hi, my name is ----- .  Please relay my message to Supervisor ------- that he/she definitely REJECT the new LA RICS horrific revised proposal to blanket microwave Los Angeles County with deadly radiation!  This is a scheme by the wireless industry to get their signals where they previously could not and to grab as much tax payer money as possible in the process. 
Microwave radiation is a class 2b carcinogen per the World Health Organization and is killing birds, wildlife and foliage according to the Dept of the Interior.  There is also epidemiology on humans exposed to low level microwaves which proves illness, cancer and eventually, death.  We are not guinea pigs for the wireless industry.  There should be NO FUNDS TAKEN FROM THE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT until there is a SAFE ACTION PLAN that DOES NOT INCLUDE MERCILESSLY IRRADIATING ENTIRE SWATHS OF LAND AND POPULATIONS!  Thank you for giving Supervisor ------- my message.

4) Sample Email

(please just copy and paste what you want from this sample email or copy it in it's entirety...it is just a blue print as you may wish to write your own email).

Dear Supervisor -----------,

I write you today, beseeching you to please REJECT the newly revised LA RICS proposal to microwave via satellite the entire County of Los Angeles.  This is an irresponsible and totally selfish revised proposal, designed to benefit the wireless industry and allow them to get their signals where they were previously unable to while simultaneously gaining enormous amounts of citizen tax dollars for the privilege. 

The US Dept of the Interior says low level microwave radiation is killing birds, wildlife and foliage:


And the World Health Organization has classified this radiation as 2b meaning "May cause cancer in humans":


Recently the CA Medical Association Passed a Resolution to Re-evaluate Microwave Radiation Standards for the Protection of Health, Safety and Life:


Here is a video on the LA RICS/First Net Cell Tower an Microwave Surveillance  Funding Program:


In the face of all this evidence, it would be irresponsible to allow for the wireless industry to indiscriminately blanket Los Angeles County in harmful and dangerous microwave radiation.

Our fire fighters, police, sheriffs and emergency workers have no problems communicating.

As the above video states, Homeland Security is continually being used and abused by the surveillance and wireless industry to gain more and more tax payer money and more and more unwarranted and rampant surveillance capability.  
Thank you for your responsible choices and not allowing the wireless industry to further destroy our health and the surveillance industry to further trample on our Constitutional rights to privacy.


5) If You Are a Scientist, Doctor or RF Specialist

Please write the committee a letter and send it to all members!!  Your credentials are important to the board.  Although their decision was political in initially rejecting the LA RICS proposal, they did comment on the associations between RF and tobacco and the testimonies they were hearing from all the "expert witnesses" the wireless industry was providing.  They seem to be open to hearing about the health effects.  This will NOT be a waste of your precious time and energy.  Thank you so much. Any statements, letters or highlights from studies you can send to the committee will help a great deal.

6) If you already had an LA RICS cell tower installed please DO NOT ACCEPT this "deal", your cell tower will still be removed.

There is a rumor going around that your cell tower will remain intact if you do not tell your supervisor that you are happy with this new deal.   This rumor is TOTALLY FALSE.  Please do NO accept this "new deal" for federal microwave funding. The Board of Supervisors can counter, negotiate or reject entirely the whole thing, still with the demand to remove the cell towers that were put in place by LA RICS without our consult.  LA RICS can be forced to remove your newly installed cell tower despite the rejection of these federal cell tower (and now satellite) funds. 

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Federal Proposal to Microwave LA County via Satellite

Thank you for acting on this!!!  Please pass this email on and please call NOW!!!

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