Have You Changed Your Nozzles Lately?!
Spray nozzles are some of the smallest and m ost overlooked pieces of equipment on a machine. However, they have the greatest effect on the accuracy and efficiency of each application that you make. In short, spray nozzles are a pretty big deal.
So, when was the last time you calibrated your nozzles? Has it been a few years since you replaced your nozzles? If it has been a while it might be time for you to take a peek.
Irregular spray pattern
Replace nozzles if the flow from a nozzle varies more than 10% above or below the average of all the nozzles or the factory stated flow at 40 psi.
When to Change Nozzles

Stainless Steel Nozzles - Did you know that stainless steel nozzles wear almost twice as fast as polyacetal nozzles? It may be shocking but it is true. If you are still using Stainless Steel nozzles, it is time for an upgrade.

Changing Applications - Check that you are using the proper nozzle for your current application. The same nozzle will not work well for all applications. If you are not sure what nozzle to use, the Hypro Spray It calculator can help. Download for Apple or Android devices or use the online version.

Visible Wear - If you can see a interruption in your spray pattern, it is time to change your nozzles. It may seem obvious, but we still see this being overlooked.  


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Learn More About Hypro Nozzles:
- Ultra Lo‐Drift - Label approved on several dicamba and 2,4-D chemical labels  
- GuardianAIR   - Angled spray, air inducted nozzle - great for contact herbicides
- GuardianAIR Twin - Twin spray, air inducted nozzles - exceptional coverage
- Hi‐Flow - Extremely wide angle - ideal for pre-plant fertilizers or burn-down
- ESI Six Stream - Steady streams reduce leaf burn - great for liquid fertilize
- Guardian - non-air inducted, angled spray - use with PWM systems
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