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February 2009
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     The world economy has stalled - and that's being generous.  Nobody is buying.  The financial markets are a wreck.  Washington is clearly playing it by ear.  Time to pull in the reins and lay low.  Not!!  Business history teaches us that now is precisely the best time to selectively invest, to improve one's competitive position, to re-think the business model, to grow.  I realize that this position is counterintuitive to many, but business leaders who have been through several of these cycles before know that I'm right.
     Let's imagine for a moment that you believe my position is correct.  I offer several resources to support your growth initiatives in this month's newsletter.  One of these resources is a collection of my own thoughts in the form of prior writings, both ad hoc and monthly.  Others are more recognizable and auspicious.  Take these various resources or leave them, but I believe you can find use for at least some of them as you move your business forward.


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A Wealth of Business Advice, Free 

     The Edward Lowe Foundation supports entrepreneurship by focusing on second-stage entrepreneurs and the belief that they are vital to the United States economy.
A second-stage business is defined by the foundation as:
  1. Privately held
  2. Past the startup stage and focused on growth
  3. Facing issues of growth rather than survival
  4. Generating between $750,000 and $50 million in annual revenue or has that range of working capital in place from investors or grants
  5. Employing between 10 to 99 full-time equivalent employees, including the owner

Free Business AdviceThis foundation offers an online Resource Center covering just about every business development and business management topic you can imagine.  These topics are applicable to companies well beyond an early stage of evolution.  I have a few favorites among these many topics, simply because they relate closely to the services that we provide:

Have a look.
Online Videos from the Experts, Also Free
Expert Business VideosI suspect you've heard of Stanford University.  Their entrepreneurship program is surely notable.  One particular online resource, the Stanford Entrepreneurship Corner, provides hundreds of videos of presentations made by business luminaries squarely focused on early stage enterprises and their leaders.
Again, I have a few favorites:
Check it out.
Trilogy Tidings: The Sequel 
Blah Blah BlahI have collected my own prior newsletters (since February 2007) and published them as an archive here.  The archive is also accessible from the Trilogy web site.  And, as before, you can find my prior white papers and presentations in our Reading Room.  These writings generally deal with topics central to our consulting practice in business development for suppliers of medical products and life science tools, and their investors.
What does Trilogy do? 
     Trilogy Associates facilitates business growth and renewal through commercialization of new products, providing the following services:
  • Opportunity assessment
  • Business planning and enterprise growth strategies
  • New-product conceptualization, commercialization and marketing
  • Market research and competitive assessment
  • Business development and partnering
  • Market and technological due diligence
  • Assessment of the therapeutic and diagnostic potential of novel technologies
  • Design of efficient and effective development strategies for early-stage biomedical products
  • Business and technical writing/publishing

     Inquiries to establish whether and how we might support your business initiatives are always welcome.  Contact us.

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