June 14th
Global Action Day to Stop Long Distance Transport!
Take a stand with Animals' Angels! 
June 14 th

When so many of our food providers-from neighborhood restaurants to national grocery stores-proudly boast a "farm-to-table" commitment, it can be easy to overlook how most farm animals reach our tables. We picture rolling green hills, dotted with ebony cows, fluffy sheep, and gossiping chickens, and we often ignore the over-crowded trucks, filled with thirsty and ailing animals, that line our highways and interstates.
The truth is difficult to stomach. In between the farm and our table, many animals are subjected to unconscionable treatment: excessively long journeys (often up to and exceeding 28 hours at a time), overcrowding that can lead to trampling and death, extreme high and low temperatures without sufficient water or insulation, and untreated stress and injuries.

International Day of Awareness on June 14
The good news is change is possible, and at Animals' Angels we are already creating meaningful impact. As one of the only groups working undercover to track livestock transportation, our documentation of transit conditions is often the first and only data of its kind available to the public. Our dangerous and resource-intensive investigations are shedding new light on companies and practices that are so often shrouded in mystery.
And on June 14 - in collaboration with supporters and partners around the world - we will continue advancing our work in recognition of Stop Live Transport: International Day of Awareness. AA will share our investigative reports and findings on livestock transportation to call attention to the needless suffering of farm animals across our country and to challenge leaders in business and politics to consider common-sense changes that include:
  • Limiting livestock transportation to a maximum of eight hour shifts;
  • Installing all animal transport trucks with mandatory, easily accessible on-board waterers;
  • Decreasing the number of individuals per transport to prevent overcrowding, stress, and injuries;
  • Promoting stringent enforcement of livestock transportation regulations and other animal welfare laws through cooperation between the Department of Transportation and the USDA;
  •  Requiring accountability from companies, owners, and shippers; and
  • Ending the transport of horses to slaughter.

Stand With Us
None of our critical achievements in animal welfare advancement and enforcement would have been possible without the commitment of our advocates - your dedication inspires and sustains our work. So on June 14, we ask that you stand with us, adding your voice to this important movement.
Share your message on social media, display a " Stop Long Distance Transport" (depicting the transportation of cows, horses, pigs, or sheep) poster in your home, car or office, tell friends and family about Animals' Angels' findings on transportation abuses, call your local and national representatives in government to let them know this issue is important to you, and be an informed consumer at restaurants and in grocery stores.
And our work doesn't stop there. We need you by our side on this International Day of Awareness, but we also need you by our side in the days and months to follow. We need you to continue serving as an ambassador for our animals, a critic of cruelty wherever it occurs, and a supporter of Animals' Angels' ground-breaking livestock transportation investigations through monthly or one-time gifts - perhaps in honor of a special person or animal in your own life. Your support, through words, actions, and philanthropy, represents a commitment to our animals, a dedication to humane farming and ranching, and a desire to create a future free from farm animal suffering.
This June 14, we challenge you to bring long distance transport awareness to your table and to your community. United we will create change. 

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