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I just had three CEO one-on-one calls in a row and every person was a bit in the dumps, including me. I felt like I was talking people off cliffs, coaching them to get their energy up and mount to the top, all while I was hanging on by two fingers in a crevice on the side of the rock face. I chuckled a bit at this and decided to explore what was going on. Here is what I came up with...

CEO Collective Member News

Greg Flynn was promoted from  President to CEO of Brainshark

Ian Kline, CEO of the Cadmus Group, Inc.  led the completion of the transaction to acquire Washington, D.C.-based consultancy  Obsidian Analysis, Inc. 

Dave  MacKeen, CEO of Eliassen Group, and Ann Webster, President of Aquent, were listed by Staffing Industry Analysts (SIA) as two of the 100 most influential people in the industry. 
MassPay , headed by President Jason Maxwell , was awarded "Large Business of the Year" by the Greater Beverly Chamber of Commerce

Jon Abbott, President and CEO of WGBH will be presented with the John Jay Award from Columbia College this month for distinguished professional achievement in his field.

I love process. I love project management. I love organization. I love communication. But, I'm a little down on some of the more sophisticated planning processes that I keep bumping into when we are asked to assess strategic planning that is already underway.  

I sincerely don't mean to sound flippant, because I am all for aligning the front line and have all due respect for Hoshin Planning and the Balanced Scorecard (both of which have greatly influenced my thinking and methodologies), but I have to ask where the strategy is in the following objectives...