March 4, 2021
Volume 62
The Morning Report

The Hunterdon County Morning Report provides up to date information on the actions
of the Hunterdon County Board of County Commissioners and Constitutional Officers
and the activities of County government.
Gov’s Budget Cuts
Hunterdon School Aid Again
For Fourth Year In A Row
County Schools Lose $8.4 million Over 4 Years
Lanza Calls For ‘Stop The School Aid Madness’ Campaign
To Fight Back and Restore Aid
Governor Phil Murphy’s proposed fiscal year 2022 budget calls for another $2.6 million reduction in school aid to Hunterdon County school districts, bringing the total cut over four years to $8.4 million.
Board of Commissioners Deputy Director John E. Lanza reported at the March 2nd Commissioners’ meeting, “Four years in a row. Four straight budgets from Governor Murphy. Four straight cuts to school aid to Hunterdon County, while he boasts of increasing school aid for most other districts in the state by over $1.5 billion for the same period.
These school aid cuts fall on the backs of the property taxpayers, school children and teachers. That is why we have to fight back and press our state legislators to at the very least freeze aid at last year’s levels”

Rutgers Cooperative Extension of Hunterdon County Launches Spring Programming 
The Rutgers Cooperative Extension of Hunterdon County (RCE HC), located at the Route 12 County Complex, has been providing online educational programming, including Facebook videos, webinars and social media posts on topics such as home gardening, support for the Agricultural community, youth leadership and development, healthy lifestyles, food safety, and other topics Hunterdon County Board of County Commissioners Matt Holt reported at a recent Commissioner Meeting.

Commissioner Holt, liaison to the Hunterdon County RCE said, “This group deserves publicity for what they do in the areas of agriculture and resource management, family and community health services, the Master gardener program and other activities.

Information and resources on issues such as home gardening, support for the Agricultural community, youth leadership and development, healthy lifestyles, and food safety, have been and continue to be offered. The dedicated personnel have provided a wonderful resource throughout the pandemic.”

Hunterdon Sheriff Reminds
Residents Of Scams,
Reiterates Caution And Fact Checking
Hunterdon County Sheriff Fred W. Brown recently issued a warning regarding an increase in scams related to jury duty, job applications, utility companies, IRS tax related scams and fraud involving social security.
Sheriff Brown said, “A local resident was contacted last week and informed by someone claiming to be from the Sheriff’s Office that unless she paid $1,500 in green dot cards immediately, she would be arrested for failure to report for jury duty in Hunterdon County. Unfortunately, this money is not something that can typically be returned, and in no way was this claim factual.
I would like to reiterate that the Sheriff’s Office would never call anyone to demand money as a way to avoid arrest. Jury duty and the courts, utility companies, the IRS and the Office of Social Security would also never call and demand funds over the phone.”

Hunterdon - HMG
COVID-19 Test Site

March 9th and 11th 1 - 5pm

March 8th 4 - 8 pm

No prescription necessary.

121 Route 31S Suite 100 Raritan Township
Make an appointment by calling


Hunterdon County Health Department
COVID Vaccine Appointment & Waitlist System

The Health Department's appointment system for the vaccination clinic provides
rolling openings for residents. Vacancies open on the waiting list when vaccination appointments are accepted by those next on the list.

Everyone on the Waiting List is guaranteed a dose of vaccine, therefore, the Health Department cannot extend the waiting list beyond the level of expected vaccine supplies.

Please check the website for openings to be placed in the cue.

COVID-19 Self Test Kits
are now available to all those who live or work in Hunterdon County

Hunterdon County Board of
County Commissioners and Constitutional Officers
Susan J Soloway

John E Lanza
Deputy Director

Matt Holt
Shaun C Van Doren
Zach T Rich

Mary Melfi
County Clerk
Fred W Brown
Susan J Hoffman
Michael J Williams
Acting Prosecutor
Boards and Commissions
continue to conduct meetings remotely.

Hunterdon County Shade Tree Commission Meeting
Monday, March 8th at 7:00 PM
314 State Route 12, County Complex

Call in option 1-720-399-1558 or
1-877-658-5107 passcode: 760962

Hunterdon County Board of County Commissioners Meeting
Tuesday, March 16th
5:30 pm
Meeting held in person and available via teleconference

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