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Please Take 10 Minutes to Email Governor Newsom
Stop Scott Wiener and Nancy Skinner's 
Disastrous Housing Bills

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Please urge Governor Newsom 
NOT TO SIGN bills  SB 330 and SB 592.  
Neither ensure affordable housing!

These bills essentially do away with the Discretionary Review Process (DRs)  in San Francisco by limiting the Planning Commission's ability 
to take DRs and alter/change/disapprove projects.  
Therefore, you will have no say on what is being built next door to you!

Contact Gavin Newsom IMMEDIATELY:

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Phone: (916) 445-2841

We need your help to flood Newsom's office stating your opposition to these bills.


Learn More:
Stop Scott Wiener's Effort to Strip Away Local Control of Housing in our Cities.

This Spring, the State Senate Appropriations Committee moved Senator Scott Wiener's housing bill SB 50 into "suspense" so it could proceed anytime until January 31, 2020.  But over the summer, Wiener used a very undemocratic, behind the scenes method called "gut and amend" to push through his housing agenda. 

Wiener 'gutted' another one of his bills SB 592, an uncontroversial Barbers and Cosmetology Bill which had passed all the relevant committees and then he 'amended' SB 592 so that it had nothing to do with Barbers or Cosmetologists and instead was transformed into a pro-developer, pro-densification housing bill to be voted on this session.  This process circumvents the normal policy committee and legislative process and all seems designed to circumvent local controls over out-of-scale development, parking requirements and neighborhood notice and the right to be heard on proposed projects.

Meanwhile, Senator Nancy Skinner (Oakland) has been working with Wiener to push through an equally damaging bill  SB 330 that  mandates that all cities follow its prescribed timelines and review process for approval of housing projects - basically silencing public concern about a project. This includes approval of demolitions. The bill could override San Francisco's existing demolition law that protects rent-controlled buildings, historic buildings and the like.  This bill passed the legislature and is awaiting Governor Newsom's signature.  WE NEED TO ACT NOW!

To silence local communities, the two bills wipe out many local hearings on development. They give developers absurd power over City Halls by putting cities on a 30-day string any time a developer wants to yank it by making amendments to any project.  Imagine the havoc if developers coordinate to file amendments to dozens of projects the day or week before Thanksgiving.  This rush to approval has zero policy justifications - it's just to get past the concerns of the citizens. 

The bill's authors (Weiner and Skinner) are NOT listening to their constituents, but instead to their development, real estate and tech industry donors.   This has been far from any democratic process that we've ever experienced: Gut and Amend.  Last minute changes done in the middle of the night with no notice.  No time for public comment.  Jam it through while the citizens Wiener and Skinner represent be damned.


Take Action:
Please join us today, by emailing, calling or posting on FB and/or Twitter, urging the Governor not to sign into law Wiener & Skinner's misguided, draconian bills.

@CAGovenor, @GavinNewsom, @Ann_OLeary


Phone: (916) 445-2841

Select from these messages to Stop SB 330
*  Stop Sen. Nancy Skinner's SB 330, which strips land-use power from cities, giving it to for-profit developers. It kills key public hearings that result in affordable units & green space. Pls do not sign this bill!

* SB 330 cripples public testimony on luxury projects, slashing City & neighborhood hearings. It silences Neighborhood Councils who fight hard for affordable housing! Pls do not sign this bill!

* SB 330 bans all plans that decrease luxury housing density, unless a city "upzones" another area. So downzoning for parks will punish another crowded area - by adding density there. Pls do not sign this bill!

Select from these messages to Stop SB 592
* SB 592 is a terrible plan to let developers overrun communities with pricey buildings, gentrifying low-income & starter-home areas we must protect. Wiener's bill doesn't require ONE unit of affordable housing. Pls Oppose!

* Please oppose SB 592 by Wiener: If a city rejects a luxury apartment too big for a site, developers can sue, arguing that the city hurt their profits! SB 592 requires NO affordable units. It's a system for litigious developers. Pls stop it!

* Under Wiener's SB 592, a developer can demolish a 1,200 sq-ft home to build a mansion as long as it contains a luxury mini-unit. This is not housing we need! Pls oppose!

* In Wiener's bill SB 592, luxury developers can ignore zoning codes in California. Large apartments can be squeezed on small parcels, ignoring  setbacks, height or planning rules. Pls Oppose!

* Wiener is wrong, please don't join him! Bills that silence diverse neighborhoods SHOULDN'T rush thru via gut-and-amend. SB 592 does not require ONE affordable unit. The fine print is key. Pls oppose!

Phone Script:

"Hello Gov. Newsom, please do not sign SB 330 into law.  It jams cities and their planning staff, transforms thriving neighborhoods to housing blocs and silences the public."

"SB 330 and SB 592 do not require a single unit of affordable housing.  Most legislators don't know this. But now, you do."

"By cutting all public hearings to just five (5), SB 330 silences the  voices who fight the hardest, and most successfully, for affordable units."


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