The Great American Smokeout
It's time to make a healthier choice.
Smoke Gets In Your Eyes
About 40 million Americans still smoke
cigarettes. Tobacco use remains the
single largest preventable cause
of disease and premature death in
the world. 

Discover why people have a difficult
time stopping and how hypnosis can
help with both the mental and physical
aspects of the habit.

Learn about techniques that are
available to manage cravings and
enjoy a very relaxing group hypnosis 

BONUS: hypnosis mp3 included.

Date : Thursday Nov 19, 2020
Time : 7:00 - 8:00 PM

Tickets: $25.00

This is a 1 hour virtual seminar
on Zoom.

Preregistration and prepayment
are required.

To register, click on the Paypal
button HERE to pay.

Indicate you are registering for
the GASO seminar.

After payment is received, your
Zoom link and seminar materials
will be emailed to you.

The seminar will be recorded.

If you are unable to attend, register
anyway and you'll receive the class
recording, mp3 and class materials.

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Smoking and COVID-19
EXPERTS say smokers could have
increased risk for being hospitalized
or being placed on a ventilator if they
get the virus that causes COVID-19.

If you wish a more in-depth approach
to stopping the smoking habit, a 3 hr
private appointment is available with
Kathryn where we go into depth to
find and reframe the specific perceptions
that contribute to your smoking behavior.
Call 781-340-2146.

Visual Squash

Several years ago, my family had a
weekend gathering and the theme
was 'pie'. We all brought a pie and
we had pie names. Someone was
a Pie-rate, another was a Pie-lot.

I was a Visual Squash.

Now, in my family, I am known for
obscure humor. Well, if you know
anything about NLP (NeuroLinguistic
Programming), you'd know that a
Visual Squash is one of NLP's simple,
yet powerful tools. (And if you know
anything about me, you'd know that
I absolutely love NLP. And squash
pie. Win-Win)

HERE is a great video showing
the use of a Visual Squash for a
smoking habit.

You can follow along and use it
for any habit that you would like
to change.

To Your Very Good Health -


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