Diocesan Pro-Life Directors, State Catholic Conference Directors

Greg Schleppenbach, Associate Director

April 28, 2021

Stop Taxpayer-Funded Abortion
Dear Directors,

As you know, some government officials are trying to force tax dollars to pay for abortion. 

On February 26th, I wrote to you with a request to help us begin activating Catholics in response. Thanks to all of you who shared this message:

Stop your tax dollars from going to abortion.

Now, I write with additional information on our campaign to save the Hyde Amendment and related, pro-life policies. 

Because Congress’ process of determining where money goes takes months, we’ll be needing your help at several points from now through Fall.  

However, it is critically important for Catholics to send a strong message before Congress moves forward to impose taxpayer-funded abortion.

So, we are targeting the first week of June for widespread action. The primary goal is for millions of Catholics to sign the petition on We need your help making that happen.

We have created some tools for you and will provide more as soon as possible. 

This first set of tools is for use with your networks, to raise their awareness and send them to the petition on

Because of the incredibly high stakes and urgency needed, the goal of public efforts is a massive quantity of signatures.

The second set of resources below is primarily just for you. We are providing these much more detailed explanations in case they are helpful for your own benefit. 

Thank you very much for your work in defense of life! 
Secretariat of Pro-Life Activities | [email protected] |