Stop by booth #1136 to visit with the Association of Aquatic Professionals and find out what we are able to do for your University Aquatic Programs.
As a leading international aquatics organization, the Association of Aquatics Professionals (AOAP) understands the importance of providing educational opportunities to your employees. Many members from Universities list education as a major reason for membership in AOAP.
AOAP would like to invite your University to join us in promoting the Aquatic Professional Designation, AqP, to your employees. The AqP program provides recognition and an educational resource to your employees. The AqP Designation identifies those who have made a commitment to aquatic education, certification, and professional development. Through the AqP designation, aquatic professionals in your organization can set themselves apart and be recognized for their professionalism and achievement. By providing AqP information to your employees, it enhances the professional development opportunities your organization promotes and benefits your aquatic professionals.
For more information on the AqP designation, please visit our AqP page or contact our Executive Director/CEO, Juliene Hefter at (262) 894-9772.
We hope you will share this information with your state association’s membership and we look forward to collaborating with your organization.
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