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Detox Seaweed Body Treatment

​A relaxing and detoxifying wrap with massage. A brush exfoliation prepares the skin for absorption, a seaweed gel is smoothed over the body and wrapped in a warm cocoon. This hydrating seaweed gel detoxifies and stimulates metabolism while infusions of Rose Hip Seed oil nourish, rejuvenate, and heal the skin. As you relax, enjoy a warm facial stone massage. The seaweed gel is then massaged away with steamy towels and a nourishing juniper lotion is massaged over the body. Relax and enjoy! This treatment is usually 60 minutes for $115, you get 15 extra minutes and save money!

75 minutes $100.00

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Happy Feet Reflexology Treatment

Reflex points in the feet correlate to specific body parts and organs. These points are massaged with thumb pressure, activating the reflexes which can improve circulation, promote relaxation, and improve body functions. This treatment is usually $70, you save $10.

45 Minutes $60.00

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