Don't Let Your Child Experience the "Summer Slide"
You lose the skills you don't use, so when your child stops actively learning in the summer months while they are out of classes, they can experience summer learning loss or the "summer slide." Stop them from losing what they absorbed over the school year by keeping their minds engaged!
Coach's Corner
Avoid your child falling into the "Summer Slide" with these fun activities to keep them occupied and their brain moving! It's fun to learn when you don't realize it, keep everyone active this summer with these ideas for a smooth transition into the school year this fall!
  1. Review summer school packets.
  2. Keep physically active for a minimum of 60 mins per day.
  3. Do a family home improvement project together. Older kiddos could make a plan of how to do it, how much it would cost, etc, and it is a great way to practice skills without realizing it!
  4. Have the kiddos plan the menu for a week (or longer). Include a grocery list, meal prep, and even instructions!
  5. Teach with movies. This summer has a lot of revived shows like Aladdin, take the kiddos to the movies and then have them watch the other versions. They can then compare and contrast the differences or even write a different ending or scene!
  6. Lastly, do a family activity day that has the interest of each child (i.e., Little Suzi like making cookies so have a baking day; Little Johnny like legos so have a lego derby race.)
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