Save a St. Luke’s Member from Deportation

There is a high likelihood that Constantin, a father of seven children who attend St. Luke’s, North Park, will be deported this Friday. If he returns to his home country, the Congo, he fears for his life.

Here's how you can stop his deportation:

  • If you live in the San Diego area, we will hold an action this Thursday, February 28 at noon at the federal building downtown, 880 Front Street, San Diego. Check here for details
  • Contact the three San Diego congressmembers using the script provided on this page.
  • Sign this petition to the director of ICE asking to stop Constantin's deportation while appeals can be reviewed in court.
  • Make a financial gift to help his wife and seven children, whose asylum cases are still under review.

Contacting the offices of our local congresspeople ensures Constantin’s situation stays that high on their agendas.  

We are asking ICE to exercise its wide discretion in prioritizing deportations to delay Constantin's deportation while his case can be pursued in court. 

We have included a sample email and contact information for the local representatives on this web page .

Questions? Contact Michelle Gealy

Thank you for taking action to save Constantin

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