August 2018
Stories, News & Events from the District
Our Land Champions Series:
 Kathleen Crimp - inspiration comes from family.
Kathleen, fondly known to family & friends as Kat, is an intergenerational farmer & role model for future young farmers. Despite her age, Kat already has an amazing understanding of the land and the environment she farms. Kat knows mother nature can be challenging but is ready to do whatever it takes, “flexibility is the key” she says. Read more about Kat's inspirational approach to farming & her journey to get there here.
Southern Dirt & the Lower South West Hub
In May we were delighted to announce our brand new partnership with Southern Dirt. As a reminder, Southern Dirt is one of Western Australia’s leading grower groups, encompassing some of WA’s most productive land and representing some of the states’ most innovative farmers.

Southern Dirt aims to create and sustain vibrant, healthy, prosperous farms and communities - sound familiar? The Lower Blackwood's vision so closely aligns with these aims that a strong partnership with Southern Dirt was inevitable. Our partnership now has name, 'The Lower South West Hub' & our own Jo Wren is the Hub Coordinator.  

The benefits of this partnership to our landholders are many and varied but include opportunities to participate in Southern Dirt's high value, high impact research and development activities for farmers, and access to information & demonstrations on innovative technologies and systems. As these opportunities arise we will be in touch either through our regular enews, or by special invitation out to you so stay tuned & watch this space! 

To find our more about Southern Dirt take a look at their website..
Let's Talk Soil
Reported recently in the West Australian on line, this timely case study tells of a Lake King farmers journey using biology to renew his hard packed clay

Some of our own landowners were given a better understanding of how this all works at our recent Workshop & Farm Visit on Feeding the Soil - A Recipe for Regenerative Farming. Brent Burns, the Director of Landsave Organics, gave a fascinating insight into the role of soil microbes within the “Soil Food Web” and his take on what measures can be taken to improve soil biology.

The take away message was that its never too late to fix your soil, and it won't cost you an arm or leg to do it, just a bit of time & patience.
Couldn't make it to the workshop? Take a look at Brent's informative and inspiring presentation.
Restoring Your Creekline to Health & Beauty
Nurturing your natural wetland &/ or waterway back to life is a challenge that will also deliver huge rewards. But how can it be done?

Thorough site assessment, planning, bank & bed stabilisation & revegetation works are all key components to success as participants at our recent Demonstration Workshop - Planting for Revegetation Success , found out. This practical & informative event, delivered by local waterways restoration & revegetation expert, Brett Dennis from Landforms , presented participants with a virtual 'How To Guide' to better ensure waterways restoration success.

Download Brett's Top Tips: Planting for Revegetation Success, plus a Sample Seedling List for Planting Along Creeks.

HELP IS ON HAND for your own waterways restoration project through the Regional Estuaries Initiative Stock Exclusion Fencing and Revegetation Grants . These grants provide funding to landholders for fencing and revegetation of eligible waterways across the Lower Blackwood Catchment.  

For more information or to register your interest contact LCDC Project Officers Chiara Danese or Merryn Delaney on 08 97584 021 or at
In the Know!
Book Review - Call of the Reed Warbler: A New Agriculture A New Earth .
This month's 'In the Know!' features CALL OF THE REED WARBLER, a book by Charles Massey, a leading thinker in the area of Regenerative Agriculture. Read a review of the book, featured in 'The Australian' earlier this year.

Still on the theme of Regenerative Agriculture, Charles gave a presentation in April with Newdegate farmer Nick Kelly, to WA Department of Primary Industries and Regional Development staff on 'Opportunities in Challenging Times' - this thought provoking presentation is well worth taking some time to look at.
We know there is such a wealth of knowledge & experience out there amoungst all of
If you have a great story, just read a great book, tried a brilliant a piece of new technology, or any other piece of news that you think the rest of the Lower Blackwood Catchment community will want to know about then please share!

Contact Kate on 0414476015 or email  
Upcoming Events with Lower Blackwood LCDC
Soil Biology - An Agronomy View
To be advised

09/27/18 4:30pm - 09/27/18 6:30pm

Save the date! Due to popular demand a second soil biology workshop is coming soon. Details out shortly.
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Lower South West Hub Spring Field Day: Future Farming
Various locatations in the Lower South West

10/25/18 1:30pm - 10/25/18 5:30pm

Join us on the bus for our inaugural Lower South West Hub Spring Field Day. Details coming soon but make sure you save the date!
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Other Events You Might Want to Attend

This event will be most thought-provoking with an exceptional line-up of business topics, a large number of field trials to be explored and a much anticipated interstate guest, who is absolutely changing the game when it comes to innovation and thinking outside the box. Don’t miss out.

Where? Starting and finishing at the Kojonup Golf Club
When? Tuesday, 11th September 2018


Join the conversation on topics such as regenerative agriculture, biosecurity and soil salinity. These speakers come with a wealth of knowledge that is specific to the conditions we see in the Wheatbelt and will provide us with a platform for thought-provoking discussions for the future of agriculture in the region.

Where? Brookton Memorial Hall 
When? Friday 28 September 2018


This short course focuses on monitoring threatened species including Black-Cockatoos, Western Ringtail Possums and Shorebirds. The program involves a mix of theory and practice including field surveys conducted to best practice. It will be lead by discipline experts including , Dr Shaun Molloy (possums) and Dr Sora Estrella (shorebirds).

Where? ECU Bunbury Campus
When? 13th to 16th November 2018

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