June 2023

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Did You See Us on Good Morning America?

If you missed it, you can still watch on YouTube. This Minnesota couple is so grateful to have the chance to inspire a wider audience to listen, connect, feel the power of each person's story, and understand the world in new ways.

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Big Reveal June 4

St. Paul / San Pablo Church in Minneapolis is installing (on the outside of their building) thirteen 12-foot-tall portraits from our series on belonging. Please join us for a first look at the art and celebrate with pizza, s'mores, music, and more. The church is right near the Midtown Greenway and Lake Street, so drive, bus, or bike on over and join the fun.

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What's Your Greatest Impact?

At North Central College, we asked, "When have you made your greatest impact?" People responded with stories of caring, service, creativity, and inspiration.

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Experience the radical joy of spoken word artist Joe Davis! Join us at 7pm July 25 at Squirrel Haus Arts in Minneapolis. Tickets are free and still available—for now!

P.S. The neighborhood has lots of great restaurants, if you want to make the most of a summer evening and grab a meal before the conversation and performance.

"The Model I Grew Up With"

Duncan Gray III has served as rector at St. Peter's Episcopal Church in Oxford, Mississippi. His father held the same role during the turmoil surrounding the racial integration of the University of Mississippi. Duncan recalled his father's leadership:

"One of his mottos—more than a motto, I mean, he lived it—was, 'If you hate those who hate you, they’ve won.' And he refused to go that route. 

"So he would be prophetic in his ministry and then go make a call on the folks who got upset. That was the model I grew up with." 

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For You:

When have you managed to "love people who hate you"?

When have you stood up for what is right, even though it may have been difficult for you?

Which fathers in your world come to mind as models for leadership toward justice?

Our Friends Are Saying ...

Here are just a few viewers' responses to the Good Morning America story about our work.

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In June we're heading to Big Sky to install our exhibit and lead programming at the Montana Summer Institute. We'll also attend the NCORE conference in New Orleans to listen, learn, and meet others doing important work.

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Also This Month

James Meredith was born June 25, 1933, in Kosciusko, Mississippi. He would become the first Black student at the University of Mississippi—only after being denied admission twice, bringing his case to the Supreme Court, and getting help from federal agents when rioters opposed his arrival and registration. His years on campus were marked by harassment and isolation. In his application for admission, he wrote, "I am familiar with the probable difficulties of such a move as I am undertaking and I am fully prepared to pursue it all the way to a degree from the University of Mississippi." Today, 12.4% of students at the university identify as Black or African American.

June 18 is Fathers' Day.

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