At a recent NASMM - National Association of Senior + Specialty Move Managers Conference, Dr. David Ekerdt, Professor of Sociology and Gerontology at the University of Kansas shared how older people manage and dispose of their possessions during relocations.
In his book, “Downsizing: Confronting our Possessions in Later Life”, Dr. Ekerdt shared an interesting statistic:
Almost 75% of adults, aged 60 and over,
are reluctant to move because
they don’t know what to do with their stuff!
My parents couldn't agree on downsizing so they didn't. In the end I was the one going through all their stuff. My mum did choose what she wanted but there was a lot left. My sibling and I all had different sentimental attachments. There were some pieces that my sister and I didn't have room for but we couldn't part with them. Now 7 years later I have found a spot for all of them.

I enjoyed adding small pieces from my family's life into my home. There were even some American south west decor pieces that bring fond memories of my grandmother.

Be kind to your family start going through your stuff when you have the time and energy.

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