E-Newsletter Vol. 2, No. 3
7th Annual Walk Celebrates the Recovery Community
“We know that addiction is real, but recovery is real too,” Cindymarie Dix told a crowd gathered for the 7th Annual Passaic County Recovery Walk on September 9. She is Senior Peer Services Coordinator at Eva's Recovery Community Center. Cindymarie and the Center received awards for leadership in the recovery community at the gathering.

Each year, the walk celebrates millions of lives transformed by recovery and raises awareness about mental and substance use disorders, prevention, treatment and services. Eva’s Village co-sponsored this year's walk, which highlighted the importance of peer-to-peer support for long-term recovery.
Cindymarie Dix is shown second from left with Eva's Recovery Community Center staff.
Timed Contest Tests Culinary Students' Skills, Creativity
Three teams of Eva's culinary students faced off in a “chopped” style cooking contest sponsored by Kontos Foods, a Paterson-based Mediterranean food company. Each team competed to present two sweet and two savory dishes using Kontos’ pre-baked, bite-sized pastry puffs.

Teams drew inspiration from cuisines as varied as the students’ backgrounds: the American South; the Caribbean; the Middle East; and South America. "Our students' diversity brings out flavors from all over the place, noted Chef James Cwynar, the Culinary School's Director.

While some entries stood out - puffs stuffed with lamb dipped in tzatziki sauce; deep fried puffs filled with chicken pot pie; dessert puffs with pineapple and mango and others topped with pralines or spun-sugar birds’ nests - the judges agreed that the contest was too close to call; they declared all 27 students winners, awarding them personalized chef’s jackets.
Summer Adventures Create Happy Memories for Eva's Kids
When school ends each June, Eva's Childcare and Education staff plans an 8-week Summer Program designed to build a store of happy memories and new experiences for each school-aged child living at Eva’s Village. Thanks to our donors, this summer was filled with adventures and fun for the children of Eva’s Village! View photos and read more
Gregory Floyd Joins Eva's as Vice President, Mission
“There is no end to what we can do to broaden and deepen the mission of Eva’s to address needs in our community for food and shelter, medical and recovery services, education and job training.” Gregory Floyd.
On August 28, Eva’s Village CEO Mark Schmit announced the appointment of Gregory Floyd as Executive Vice President, Mission. “Gregory joins our senior management team as an advocate for Eva’s mission, needs, outcomes and opportunities,” noted Schmit. “His leadership experience in mission-focused organizations is a great asset for Eva’s Village,” he continued. Floyd will work closely with Eva’s administrative and program staff to guide the organization in promoting its mission and core values as he works to strengthen relationships with peer organizations and constituent groups . Read more
Upcoming Events
Thursday, Nov. 2
6:00 pm
The Grove
Cedar Grove, NJ
This year we are celebrating ‘35 Years of Hope’ at Eva’s Village, from our beginnings as a simple soup kitchen in 1982, to the comprehensive network of recovery and support services we offer today. The program will put a spotlight on the opioid crisis that is gripping our nation, and our efforts to save and change lives in our community.  In the face of this epidemic that grows worse each day, the work we do to help people struggling with addiction find hope and a path to recovery has never been more important .

Visit our Gala page to learn more about sponsorships ; view the invitation ; or make a reservation . For more information, please contact Joey Mazza at 973-523-6220 x 235 or joey.mazza@evasvillage.org .
Friday March 2, 2018, Valley Regency, Clifton, NJ
MARK YOUR CALENDAR for our 6th annual Casino Night on Friday, March 2. This event raises critical funds to support the 20 programs that make Eva's Village the place 'where hope begins.'

Visit our event page for more information.
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