Volume 3 | February, 2021
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Dear Heartthrob
Dear Heartthrob,
“Be still my heart!” 
That’s what young people say 
when they fall in lust. 
At our age, no one says, “Be still my heart.” 
I mean, really, it could happen! 

In Search of Perfect Hamantaschen
The triangular-shaped pastries eaten on the Jewish festival of Purim are called hamantaschen. According to the Book of Esther, which tells the Purim story, the villain, Haman, wore a triangular-shaped hat. We symbolically eat his hat to celebrate his defeat and demise.
For readers unfamiliar with Purim, here’s what we are celebrating:
  • It is the fifth century BC, in the city of Shushan, Persia. Jews are living in exile under the rule of Xerxes I, aka Ahasuerus.
I’ve lost my sense of taste and smell
They can’t smell or taste
It’s hard to breathe with a mask on
They no longer breathe
I didn’t celebrate my birthday
They have no more birthdays
I can’t get the vaccine
The vaccine came too late
True Liberation, At Last
February 1945
Planes roaring overhead, people dancing,
Men strutting drunkenly down the unpaved street,
Laughing, singing, shouting:
“The Russians are here! The Russians are here!”
My uncle is one of them,
The center of any celebration.
We — Mother, Uncle and I — had found shelter on a farm near Warsaw.