Volume 2 | January 2021
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Enough is Enough — Assault on the Capitol, January 6, 2021
“Enough is enough,” said Joe Biden.

No one could make up this stuff!

I was in a Zoom class. I got a message on my watch: “Disruption at the U.S. Capitol.” Normally media hypes everything. This time it was underreported. This was a “storming of the Bastille” almost literally, except this was America and our Capitol. And it was instigated by the leader of our country and the free world. Read more.

Women — we need our girlfriends. Whether biological or not, girlfriends are an essential part of our lives.

My first girlfriend
My first girlfriend was Roberta. I was 4½ years old and it was my first day of school — Bais Yaakov kindergarten. This was my first experience being away from my mother, and I don’t remember what I thought or whether I cried. Read more.
Tribute to Our Mother
Adapted from my book, Amazing Journey: Metamorphosis of a Hidden Child, 2010
Unlike our father, our mother avoided speaking about the Holocaust. It was very painful for her to remember those war years. Just as Father could not free himself from those events, Mother dreaded remembering them. After our father’s death in 1991, I encouraged her to record her story. I did so very warily because, once she started, she could not stop. Read more.
Birthday Poems
I’ve been waiting for the disaster:
14 weeks?
14 months?
14 years? Now that would be nice.

I read a poem about a man
who shared the kitchen 
with his wife as they prepared pretty meals each day.