Volume 1 | December 2020
Women are the storytellers of the family. Our blog allows us to share our stories with people all over the world.
Oh Chanukah, Oh Chanukah, A Festival of Joy
Chanukah is supposed to be the festival of lights, the festival of joy. The Chanukah memories of my early childhood are dim, though, except for one year. Read more.
 A Diverse Friendship, the Beginning
We were all sitting quietly in our 5th grade classroom when the teacher introduced a new student who was joining our class. “This is Janie,” Mrs. Bricken said, “and I want everyone to make her feel welcome.” She raised her arms and fluttered her fingers like a waving flag, which was our cue. “Hi Janie,” we said in unison. Our teacher told Janie where to sit, which was right next to me. I smiled my shy smile at her, and she smiled back.
Ensnared by Two Evils
My life began in Poland during the Holocaust. Born in March 1940, six months after the German invasion, I lived “hidden on the surface,” posing as Catholics with my mother in Warsaw from 1942 until 1944. My father joined us after he escaped from the ghetto. Read more.
Sipping Cider
Sipping cider
on a crisp fall day
reminds me of you, Dad.

In my mind’s eye,
how vividly I see
Mom pouring cider,
transforming the tall, clear glass
into a deep amber hue.
Pandemic Thoughts
Excuse me you’re getting a little too close.
6 feet apart PLEASE. 
I’m trying to keep 6 feet apart.
You are going the WRONG way.
Please don’t come so close to me.
Forgive me, I am SCARED!