Oh what a wonderful, tiring and crazy day was yesterday. I have felt overwhelmed with the many reactions that this article brought up. Too many people, known and unknown reached out. When I had the interview I just envisioned a small column of a part of my story, but no, the reporter went big and so graciously got it to 10 times of what I expected. Telling my whole story, and not leaving anything out.
I was willing to share my story not to pursue benefits for me, but for the thousands of kids my heart urges to help back in my country. Also, I wanted everyone who read it to truly know there is a God who acts in mysterious ways, who still performs tangible miracles; there is a God that has already written a plan for everyone.    
By the power of his miraculous being, yesterday for a "technical issue" in the airplane I was supposed to take, my flight got cancelled and I had to postpone my going back trip for today, little did I know the articles was going to be out yesterday. As the day went by, people started calling, one if them being a liaison that deals with immigration issues and that works for a state representative here in Shreveport, as a last minute thing we met. After five hours or numerous calls, she was able to find a way for me not to leave the country, and get the visa I was going to applied for back in Honduras through tedious and always uncertain process. Now, I could not grasp on the thought that I was presented with that opportunity my hearts was longing for. It felt like a "last minute" thing, but the more I ponder on, the more I know it was PERFECT GODLY TIMING!!   

I still have not achieved one of my biggest dreams, the journey continues, there are going to be many more battles in pursuing my desire to be a bridge between countries that need help, and a country who offers help, but does not offer easy ways to obtain that help.   

This is just another reminder that God is in control, even when my hearts weakens and fears on the circumstances. Yesterday God very vividly told me " do not fear, do not doubt my ways, I have hold you since day one, I will continue to do so in ways you can't imagine"!!! I am so humbled by the love I receive from people around me, but most importantly the love and grace I receive from God.

I wanted to include in these "thank you" words, the first pair of shoes I had. Leather shoes that are supposed to "correct" walking, the most uncomfortable shoes I had wear. As you can tell they went through a lot. The holes in the front are not from playing soccer, or having fun while playing, the holes represent how I in my desire of walking I dragged my feet, but that didn't stop me from wanting to walk like the "normal" kids did. These little shoes represents how hard this journey has been, full of tears, effort, but importantly full of FAITH.

The article represents a "thank you" to Wallace Stanberry and his family, from heaven I hope I can continue to make you, and your family proud.

I continue to have divine appointments and I continue to meet angels that impact my life. I encourage everyone to become available to do this too, hear people's story, get involve, HELP AND LOVE EACH OTHER. Believe me, the reward in doing so, its invaluable.  Continue to believe in miracles, because just as we read in the Bible they continue to happen even in the midst of living in this crazy and broken world.

Last, thank you, to each and every one of you, for your prayers and love.

-Roxan Gonzales 
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