The Story of Two Missys
Last Christmas my daughter and granddaughter, Carol Beth and Ella, gave me a charm that read "I love you a bushel and a peck." It was something that my mother said to me as a child and then I said it to Carol Beth when she was young. Several days after Christmas, I went to the website where they got it and ordered a chain to wear it on and another charm that read "Missy." That's the name that Ella calls me.
Fast forward two or three weeks and I received a call from the company asking me if I had received my chain and charm. I had not. Then she told me what had happened.
Somewhere in Ohio, a girl placed an order to the same company. Along with her order, she received my chain and charm. She called the company and thanked them profusely. Her name was Melissa. Everyone called her Melissa except her dad - he called her Missy. She knew her dad had to have ordered the chain and charm for her. She couldn't believe it. It was the most wonderful gift in the world. She would always wear it. It meant the world to her. Why? Her dad had died suddenly the week before.
The company made another chain and charm for me - even added a pearl drop and another charm that read "Ella." I added the a-bushel-and-a-peck charm to the chain and wear it often. Every time I put it on; every time I take it off; even when I look in the mirror and see it on me, I tear up and I say a prayer for Carol Beth, for Ella and for the other Missy.
And now, less than six months later, Ella has lost her dad. I pray for Eddie and Melissa's dad when I see the necklace too. I hope that they have met in heaven and are sharing stories about their wonderful daughters...
Lynda Land

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