The one thing I like about the food pantry is you never know who will walk in the door. And you never know what they may need.  One day I was working the intake desk and a young woman came in and said,  "I don't want any food, I want to talk,"  I told her I could check and see if any of the ministers were available and she said she did not want to talk with them.

So I replied,  "then let's talk."  She told me her story in between tears and moments of intense emotion.  I offered to hold her hand during the talking and she took my hand.  After she had finished her say,  I gave her some ideas of something she may try to resolve some the concerns. Wrote those ideas down for her,  and then closed with a prayer for her.  She sighed, sat a minute and said she felt better and got up to leave.  She leaned over to give me a hug and we hugged for a minute and then she left.  

I wrote down her first name and took it with me so I could pray for her whenever her face came to mind.  Those times come by every once in a while at the pantry and they stay with me.  It is my opportunity to be the ears of Jesus.  As these folks really just want to talk.  I am always excited to work at the food pantry as you never know what will happen.  Thanks be to God.

Vickie Young

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