A moment shared by one of our moms, Mandy Jordan Smith. 
This kid. Every night he talks to God like they are old pals. Sometimes he says things like "I hope you have a good day and a good night, God." Or "I hope you have a good time in Heaven." And sometimes he makes requests such as "Keep everyone in my family and the whole world safe." Sometimes it's just chatting and sometimes it's deep. Either way, I thank God for letting me be his mommy, and letting me hear his prayers. He teaches me so much.
Tonight though he also told me stories from Sunday school today. He told me about being "Brave and Strong" (in his best big man's voice) and the stories he heard today. I cannot thank Noel UMC @noelmemorialumc enough for an amazing kids program.  Kenny Morrow  you "teach them the Bible verses and tell them stories," Dalton's mommy is "funny," and Dalton's daddy "makes us play games." @noelmemorialumc it all is perfect  #jesuslovesthelittlechildren.
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