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In this turbulent time that can feel so uncertain, we wanted to share some simple stories of HOPE from inside Duffy Health Center. The smallest moments can bring a sense of hope, from getting a tip from a trusted source, to seeing a palm tree, to setting a new goal. Read more below! 
What do you have to lose?

Duffy Health Center's Connections Case Managers are one of the first points of contact for new patients and clients. They assist individuals in accessing insurance and becoming connected to services at Duffy Health Center. Along the way, they get to know a lot about individuals' needs and personal situations. 

A few months ago, Connections Case Manager Amy met with a young woman who was struggling with several issues, the most pressing of which was a lack of income. Amy took the time to chat with this woman about her different career paths and learned that she used to be a hair stylist but had fallen out of the industry. She shared with Amy that she missed it terribly. 

Now, Duffy staff are quick thinkers. Amy says, "It dawned on me, the last time I went to my hair salon at the mall they were talking about being very short staffed. I suggested to the young woman that she go and check it out - what did she have to lose?"

Sure enough, the next time Amy was at the mall she walked by the salon, and there she spotted this client , working as a stylist. When she stopped to say hello, the woman expressed her gratitude for Amy's  suggestion and continued on to share about her positive experiences at Duffy Health Center. With the support she needs now in place, she is able to thrive and follow her dream. 

One Piece of Homework

Many patients arrive at Duffy Health Center when they are at their worst, and they're ready to make positive changes in their lives. We are here to support these changes and help patients recognize the small steps they're making toward progress. 

Duffy patient Matt* had just recently gotten off probation when his boss invited him to Florida for a vacation. With the freedom to travel out of state, he jumped at the opportunity. In discussing his trip with his Medication Assisted Treatment nurse, she told him he had one piece of homework: to bring her back a picture of a palm tree. 

When Matt got back from this trip, he arrived at Duffy excited and asking to see his nurse. He waited 20 minutes until she was available. They sat down together and he scrolled through the pictures on his phone, showing her palms trees and much more.

He told her, "I didn't drink, I didn't drug, and I had a great time!" Through the work he's done with Duffy's support, he is keeping all his appointments, he took his first air flight, and he's doing well enough at his job to be invited on vacation with his boss!

"I'm willing to put in the work."

Although Dave* has struggled to maintain housing in the past, he has been a client of Duffy Health Center's  Housing First program for several years. He is now stably housed, and with this barrier behind him he is setting his eyes on the future. 

Dave has been working closely with his Duffy Health Center care team, which includes a his primary care provider, therapist, and psychiatrist, to attain his goal of becoming a chef. Dave recently enrolled in the GRE program at Cape Cod Community College, with his sights set on eventually enrolling in the Culinary Arts Program.

While Dave acknowledges that the process will take a few years, he says, "I'm willing to put in the work. I want to make the best use of the time I've been given." 

* Patients' names changed to protect their privacy.
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