Friday, April 17, 2020

Stories of Triumph

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"Successful people have fear, successful people have doubts, and successful people have worries. They just don't let these feelings stop them."
T. Harv Eker

Just fired, newly hired father-to-be now helping others find work
Every one of the staggering unemployment statistics represents a livelihood lost—or at best, put on hold—and a life turned upside-down.

Mark Passemato can relate. He lost his job March 20—alongside 99 fellow employees. This month, he and his wife celebrated their one-year wedding anniversary.

They’re expecting the birth of their first child in September.

“I hadn’t prepared for it,” says the 34-year-old Jensen Beach resident. “With everything that I had on my plate, I was only looking forward.”

Fortunately, Mark quickly landed a job—and now he’s helping others do the same. He reached out to John Snyder (pictured above, left front, with his team), majority owner of the Stuart-based Employment Simplified Inc ., which John cofounded in 2015 with Talena Addison-Howard and Kevin Youngblood, “at a coffee table in Blue Door with a couple laptops and some free wi-fi.”

The staffing, recruitment and career-placement business facilitates the hiring process, runs background checks, conducts drug-testing, manages benefits and onboards new personnel for multiple employers primarily in the education and healthcare industries. With 12 fulltime employees, 1,000 contractors across the country, and lots of prospects, John needed help and was happy to add Mark to his team.

“Our mission statement and our belief is that first and foremost, we’re in the people business,” says John, who’s also a candidate for the Florida House, District 82, seat currently filled by the terming out Rep. MaryLynn Magar. “The right opportunity for a candidate and the client can make all the difference in the world."

In this case, the opportunity was ideal for his own company, which is “busier than ever,” says John. “We’re hiring (certified medical assistants) and teachers, administration support—Treasure Coast-wide as well as statewide. We have a big presence in Miami on the education front and need a good financial analyst in Port St. Lucie.”

Working remotely, Mark—who brings a background in career-placement—describes his first two weeks on the job as “super busy.” And he’s grateful for every moment of it, realizing how uniquely he can relate to those he’s helping.

“I was grateful for the opportunity John was able to provide me and moving forward, for the opportunities I’ll be able to provide other people moving through the same situation.” Mark Passemato

A job—and conversely, the absence of one—has profound implications on a person’s life, says John. That’s why ESI has long emphasized to employees the importance of embracing its services with a sense of purpose and personal gratitude. Mark’s story is the latest up-close reminder, he says.
“To still provide this service during this time—aside from my service in the Marine Corps—has been the greatest sense of professional fulfillment I’ve ever had,” says John. “Now, when people are trying to put food on the table, to at least offer them an opportunity is meaningful.”

Contact Employment Simplified Inc ., about potential hiring opportunities.
Call the 211 Help Line for families needing resources

Small (Business) but Mighty
The Business Development Board of Martin County is showcasing these inspiring efforts of local business leaders, innovators and entrepreneur in a reoccurring feature called “Stories of Triumph.”

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