Friday, April 3, 2020

Stories of Triumph

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" “When everything seems to be against you, remember that the airplane takes off
against the wind, not with it.”
Henry Ford

Small (Business) but Mighty
Defying these difficult circumstances, many Martin County business leaders, innovators and entrepreneurs are doubling down their determination, creativity, and ingenuity in pursuit of solutions that benefit the entire community and keep our economy alive.

The Business Development Board of Martin County is showcasing these inspiring efforts in a reoccurring feature called “Stories of Triumph.”

If you or someone you know is using their small business to do something innovative and inspiring to help our community through this crisis, please email me so we can share their Story of Triumph.

Joan K. Goodrich
Executive Director
Business Development Board of Martin County
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The beaches currently remain closed. But the healing powers of the sea are right at our fingertips and back in a form—which has been all-but-impossible to find—that could also help stem the coronavirus threat.

H2Ocean —headquartered in Stuart—is ramping up production of its FDA-approved hand-sanitizer.

Some 18 years ago, owner and innovator Eddie Kolos created the Blue Green Foam Soap and Blue Green Liquid Soap as a First Aid salient for skin abrasions . Early on, the soaps were embraced by the tattooing and body-piercing community.

“That market needed something and those guys were trial-and-error minded,” says the Jensen Beach resident. “From there we went into the dental market and the diabetic market—and associated cuts and wounds—where we then moved into clinical trials and are now even listed in an AMA journal called Wounds.”

H2Ocean, says Kolos, established further credibility as its soaps (and alcohol-and-fluoride-free oral rinse made with sea salt and natural enzymes), underwent multiple clinical trials.

With the fear generated from the pandemic sparking a run on hand sanitizers, the 20 employees of H2Ocean are working hard to create more of the soaps for healthcare providers. Its products are also available to the public online.

“We’re not raising our prices. Knowing what this can actually do—that it can really help people—feels good for our employees.” - Eddie Kolos, owner of H2Ocean .
Joan K. Goodrich, executive director of the Business Development Board of Martin County, praised the Stuart small business not only for increasing production of what’s turned out to be such a prophetic product but also recognizing the economic climate and keeping its pricing structure in place.

“We know that so much of the work force’s creativity and adaptability are abundant in the small-business sector, but what’s often overlooked is the generosity,” she says. “It’s so encouraging that even during these uncertain times, our small-business sector is putting the community first. This effort by H2Ocean is an excellent example of this inspiring spirit.”

Kolos explained the key advantages of H2Ocean’s Blue Green Foam Soap and Blue Green Liquid Soap:
  • Duration: Its three-year shelf life “is unheard of for antibacterial soaps.”
  • Protection: “Trails show that it can kill (germs) for up to several hours after use.”
  • Efficacy: “Using more safe, natural ingredients avoids the harsh chemicals that can kill the good cells—and does not sting or burn on an open wound.”

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