It was a warm summer morning at the River Center. The Young Explorers were gathered in the shade arbor for an activity about trees found along the San Joaquin River.

The program leader went around the circle of campers handing out an acorn to each. Gabriel held his acorn carefully, bringing it up to his eyes for closer inspection.

“What does the acorn feel like,” asked the counselor.

“It’s smooth,” suggested a girl.

“The end is pointy,” said another camper.

The program leader could see that Gabriel was investigating his acorn carefully. “Gabriel, what do you think the acorn feels like?” she asked.

Gabriel grew a wide smile as he exclaimed, “ It’s like I’m holding a whole tree in my hand!”
Sometimes it takes the wisdom of a four-year-old to remind us of what the San Joaquin River Parkway is about. It’s a vision for protecting land, saving natural places, and planting seeds of discovery in the next generation.
And it’s a vision that’s made possible by continued support from people like YOU!