“Oh wow! I see a bald eagle!” said Anna.

It happened at the River Center. The River Education Docent set up a spotting scope in the parking lot pointed in the direction of the river. He explained that there are many hidden users of the San Joaquin River. If they were quiet and paid close attention, they might get to see some of these creatures during their field trip.

We might even get to see a bald eagle,” he said.

One by one the students stepped up, closed one eye, and peered into the spotting scope. Anna waited patiently for her turn. “I hope I get to see an eagle,” she said.

She looked into the spotting scope, and there it was. A bald eagle perched perfectly still in the largest nest Anna had ever seen.

Suddenly, a wild piece of the world – where hidden Parkway users are found – was opened up for Anna.

The San Joaquin River Parkway and Conservation Trust is an organization dedicated to protecting the river and wildlife it supports. And to making that land available for education and recreation.

Thank you for making experiences like Anna’s possible.