November 6, 2022


Little English

Pravesh Kumar, 103min, United Kingdom, 2022

Nov 6 | 12:30 PM | AMC Seattle #11

Tasveer is excited to announce the US Premiere of Little English at the 17th Tasveer South Asian Film Festival! The cast and filmmaker of Little English will be in Seattle, all the way from London, interacting live with the audience after the in-person screening today. Don't miss the chance to ask them your questions after watching this wonderful Rom Com in-person!

Pravesh Kumar’s debut feature is a laugh-out-loud story of a dysfunctional Punjabi family in the pressure cooker life of a terraced suburban home in Slough. Newly arrived from India, naive Simmy has come to marry the family’s eldest son Raj, who shockingly does a runner, leaving Simmy locked in the house by her domineering mother-in-law. However, Simmy is smarter than she appears, and soon enlists the support of the family’s disgruntled in-laws, including a sugar crazed, diabetic grandpa and dangerous, but hot, brother in law, fresh out of jail. Together they plan Simmy’s big escape.

Post-film Q&A with filmmaker Pravesh Kumar, and actors Rameet Rauli, and Viraj Juneja

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Abinash Bikram Shah | Narrative Short | 14 mins

A mother sings lullabies to her 12-years-old daughter. But when the lullabies end, the daughter's reality turns out to be much grimmer. A 2022 Cannes Film Festival selection.


Surya Shahi | Narrative Short | 15 mins

After being bullied into making iron wheels for his upper caste peers, Bhyal, a lower caste blacksmith and his friend are compelled to steal iron from the village to make the wheels.


Sunil Pandey | Narrative Short | 19 mins

Chandra, the only descendant of the ancestors who created his beautiful village, contemplates his heritage and his homeland.


Kiran Shrestha | Narrative Short | 22 mins

A moving portrait of a persistent mother Yasodha who wants her deaf daughter to have a voice, and desperately looks for ways to heal her child.

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Dear Dad

Ibrahim Rana, 10min, Pakistan, 2022

A young man comes to meet his dying father for the confrontation of his life.

The Return

Hena Ashraf, 18min, United States, India, 2021

A writer-director struggles with her profound sense of loss after the sudden death of her father, who dies while visiting his homeland of India. Hena wrestles with coming to terms with their strained relationship, by the only way she knows how: making a film.

My Mother's Girlfriend

Arun Fulara, 14min, India, 2021

RENUKA is in love with SADIYA a neighbour who lives in the same slum as her. They are out celebrating RENUKA's birthday but unknown to them, MANGESH, her son, is around. The film is the story of these two relationships colliding.


Nishant Roy Bombarde, 25min, India, 2022

A new tenant in his home, the enigmatic Pankaj intrigues Rahul stirring within him a yearning he doesn't quite understand yet. But there's trouble brewing when Pankaj's caste becomes known to the family. Pankaj, at odds with his feelings for a guy that are twice tabooed, struggles to keep a roof over his head. Conflicted by his growing love for a man his family considers beneath them, Rahul must decide what truly matters – age old prejudices or the joy of first love.

Queer Parivaar

Shiva Raichandani, 27min, United Kingdom, 2022

When a mysterious gate-crasher appears at their wedding, Madhav and Sufi are forced to face past secrets and reflect on what makes a family. Queer Parivaar is a story of multi-generational LGBTQ+ identities and experiences, narrated musically through an ambitious original soundtrack, and created by a majority South Asian LGBTQ+ cast and crew.


The incredible collection of short and feature films playing yesterday touched on issues of identity, community, empowerment, war, mental health, immigration status, religion and so much more! We heard the audience say the films were "moving," "therapeutic," "hit-home". Alaudin Ullah, one of the two filmmakers of In Search of Bengali Harlem, who's story is centered in the film said at the Q&A, "...Bangladeshis were not getting the love and it was a lost history...I felt it was my duty to be on a mission to really tell this story, I felt I wanted to be a prototype and not a stereotype..."


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