Dear Storm'ers,

Host a race for 20 years, and you are bound to get some weather. Taunt Mother Nature by calling that race "Storm" for 20 years, and she steps up to teach us a lesson!

Congratulations to all of you for overcoming the many obstacles that nearly 100mm of rain falling over a 5-day period threw at you out there! In case you were wondering, the "lake that was once a road" at the north end of the bike loop was definitely not there when we set the course, nor was the calf-deep mud on the final trekking section. This wasn't an easy course to begin with, and we were thoroughly impressed by how well you all took it on.

Top Finishers

Final results have now been posted at As we weren't able to host in-person awards ceremonies, we now have a LOT of medal-shipping to do! To simplify things, we're hoping that the top three teams in each race category can work with us as follows:

  • Top finisher medals will be shipped to the team captains only. If your team captain was changed in the final weeks leading up to Race Weekend, please confirm who the package should be shipped to.

  • If the team captain's mailing address has changed in the past two years (especially for teams that deferred their entries from 2020), please provide us with an updated address to ship to.

  • We'll aim to have these packages out as soon as possible - please bear with us!

  • Remember that gender sub-category rankings among Masters teams were only offered when there were at least 2 teams in each gender class. This was the case in the pairs divisions, but not in any of the fours.

Congratulations to all of our top finishers!

Never-Ending Thanks

Hosting a race like this under the many extraordinary circumstances we were faced with was certainly tough, but it wasn't even remotely possible without the support of an absolutely stellar group of individuals behind it. And while that's been the case every year since 2002, we absolutely must recognize these amazing people for what they did this past weekend. It was a small group by design, but our huge thanks go to:

Patty Van Liefland
Kathie Zeman
Mark Beasy
Steph Ross and Thomas Pretsell
Rayne Pyke
Dan Raymond
Nick Schwass
Petra U
Joe Fortin
our medic team Scott Hembruff, Sabrina Cook and Thom Benson

As well as our awesome volunteers:
Sarah Salvis
Iris Neher
Mark & Heather Roper
Michele Kitson and Andrew Box
Kim Rosano and Karen Michalicka
Amber Panchyshyn
Heather McNie, Grant Sutherland and Ken Lott

And I personally need to thank my incredible wife Heather Brown for allowing us to host this year's race on our anniversary - thank you so much for everything Heather!

Next year

Yup - we'll be back! Watch for an announcement later in the year with details for the 2022 event, which will again be hosted in the Haliburton Forest. We already have some big plans to build and improve on our first year at this amazing venue. With luck, they will include a few more of the regular features that we had to forgo this year. More to come!