Storm 2021 Updates
Dear Storm'ers,

Wishing you all the best as we forge ahead through the winter months - we hope that you are keeping healthy and active during this challenging time. Under normal circumstances you would be hearing from us more frequently at this point in the season, so we wanted to reach out with a quick update.

As it hasn't really been an appropriate time, we're holding off a little longer than planned with opening registration for September's Storm 20. However, we're hopeful that as things continue to improve we may be able to do so soon. Rest assured that we will let you know the very second we click the launch button!

In the meantime, all of the details for the 20th Anniversary series of racecourses - including distances-per-discipline for each of the Hike, Trek and Trek Elite races, are available at We have the race information packages for each prepared and ready to go, but we'll hold off on posting them until registration opens.
So Remind Me - How's it Going to Work Again?
All-new date, all-new venue! September 24-26 at the Haliburton Forest. While we know it's a bit unconventional, the 'Trek Elite' advanced course will be hosted on the Friday of race weekend. The 'Trek' and 'Hike' courses will remain on Saturday and Sunday respectively, but with a series of staggered starting waves.

This of course is to ensure that we can comply with provincial and/or local health authority regulations that we assume will still be in effect by September. Things may change, but we feel that it's a pretty safe bet that restrictions on event capacities will remain throughout the 2021 season.

All of the details around the other safe-racing protocols and procedures that we'll have in place for race weekend are outlined at These will be further explained in the racer information packages once they are posted, but please feel free to let us know if you have any questions.
And What Happens With Deferrals?
Once registration goes live, it will begin with a set period during which teams that deferred their entries from 2020 will have the opportunity to confirm their entries, and select their starting wave. Once that period expires, we will open things up for all other teams.

We've created a dedicated page that will be posted to the Storm website to help guide team deferrals, and we're making the process as simple as possible. And yes, the option to defer again to 2022 will be offered for those who need it.