If you receive snow and ice service from us, you have been getting updates all weekend. If you don’t, this will bring you up to speed on the snow and landscape damage crisis we are going to be dealing with for the immediate future. The deep snow and layers of ice will take days to melt and many properties will have hazardous conditions related and may require additional clearing for you to get staff, tenants, and patrons back into your facility and operations resumed. Others will have downed trees to remove and associated debris cleaned up. Thus, normal landscaping maintenance will likely not occur this week while we dig out and clean up from the horrific storm we all just experienced.
Whether it was the foot of snow that fell in some locations and drifts that reached 8 feet, or the thick ice that covered the ground, much work will be required to dig out and clean up.
We worked non stop from Thursday night through this morning with most of our crews working 12-18 hour shifts. Most are home today after working all night long and will be back at additional clearing as needed tonight. Let us know what you need and we will get you on the list.
What will take even longer is clean-up of the landscape damage. The south metro area is the worst but landscape, especially tree damage, is everywhere. We are working with our arborist subs and will be dispatching our crews to clean up and remove trees and debris from sites as the snow melts. Hundreds of thousands of trees were destroyed and the clean-up could take a month.
We can’t wait to get back to normal landscape activities and a return to normal.