As we were producing our quarterly newsletter, a tornado ripped through north Dallas devastating many homes and businesses. Thankfully our church building did not sustain any damage. However, over the past few days, we have heard from many of our members who did experience damage and have been displaced. Through family, friends and other KOG members they are being supported. If you have experienced any damage or know of anyone who is in need of help or prayer, please contact us at 972-661-9435 or Our thoughts and prayers continue for all affected by this storm.
It’s the time of year to be grateful! I recently spent a weekend with my cousin attending her daughter's wedding and, as always, I was blown away by how gratitude fills their days even with the challenges they have faced. Their youngest son, Paul, was born with Cerebral Palsy, then two years ago, her husband lost his dominant hand in a machinery accident. However, they live their lives with faith, grace and are eternally grateful for each day they get to continue doing what they love to do. Nothing holds them back. Don continues to rebuild and refurbish cars, now with his left hand instead of his right and Paul, now 30 years old, was out there on the dance floor with his walker bebopping to the music for the entire evening! It was a weekend full of love, and I felt honored to be part of it!

I feel just as honored to be a part of King of Glory and grateful to have Pastor Jim as our leader — challenging us to be better stewards, more welcoming to new visitors and be grateful for the ways the staff takes care of the details so we can participate in discipleship. 

Your Council is grateful for you in all that you do to give your time and talents to the community around us as well as giving generously to King of Glory. We are grateful to have the trust of the congregation in leading them into these exciting times. Our MAP continues to be our direction and as we continue to move forward, we hope you will move forward with us!! 

Trusting Him ,
Michelle Hild, President & Council Members
Make sure you check out the newly decorated lounge, located in the Activity Center, for our youth to gather in on Sundays. Thank you to an anonymous KOG member for making this possible.
Director of Music and Artistic Ministries
Council has formed a search committee for the Director of Music and Artistic Ministries. The committee has representation from both services, members of various ages as well as choir and bell members.  Chairman, Tad Doering, is joined by Sue Schildt, Emily Becker Seeley, Josh Stark, Lorna Weir, Council President, Michelle Hild, and Pastor Jim Graeser.  Thank you to these members for their commitment to serve and please keep them in your prayers during this process. The job has been posted, and interviews will begin around the first of November.  
Young Adult Ministry Coordinator
The YAC Search Committe interviewed 8 candidates and narrowed it down to three who each presented a Bible study to a group of 5 young adult members. After prayerful consideration, we selected the out-of-the-box thinker we believe can take this ground floor position and begin to lead our young adults. Veronika Czutor, a native of Hungary, currently living in Florida with her husband, will join us KOG as of the first of the year. Please join us in prayer as we wait for this Veronika to join us and begin her ministry among us.
Josh McGuire, one of our current choir members, has stepped in as our Interim Choir leader. Monica Czausz began September 3 as our Interim Organist. Our Children’s Choirs will continue to be led by Emily Becker Seeley and Shannon Carnley.

On September 3, David Cowart joined us as our new Director of Church Administration Welcome, David!
Exciting News!!! A group of KOG members, known as the Sign Committee, want to leverage KOG’s frontage road real estate to increase our church’s visibility and share our messages with the millions of vehicles that pass by each year. In August, Council approved the Sign Committee’s proposal to add “Lutheran Church” to the existing building signage and to install a large, detached digital sign by the West driveway entrance. The Sign and Facilities Committees are currently working together to contract with a vendor and start the next phase of the signage construction.  Thank you to the Sign Committee, and the generous KOG members for their donations to this project. We appreciate your dedication to King of Glory!!

Our committee is working hard to gather prices related to much-needed maintenance repairs, youth room renovations, landscaping revamps, streaming technology upgrades, upgraded computer equipment and phone system, and security system repairs (we have only one working keypad due to the June 9 storm damage).

Join us on Reformation Sunday when we celebrate Confirmation for four of our youth. In addition to a three-year Confirmation program, these Confirmands have been on a faith journey shaped, in part, by family, friends, and their Confirmation mentors. We celebrate them and pray they will continue to feel God’s love and guidance as their faith journeys continue.

If you feel called to serve or work with our youth in Confirmation or other capacities, Harold Huddleston, our Director of Youth and Family Ministries, always welcomes volunteers.
 Offerings have been lower than anticipated this year. Interestingly, giving by those who pledged is very high while giving by those who have not is falling behind. If you haven't pledged for 2020, please do so to help us plan for next year. Our year-to-date total of $1,322,000 is $28,000 lower than planned and $50,000 lower than this time last year. Our year-to-date deficit is $79,000, which isn’t unusual for this time of year. We are on pace to match 2017 and 2018 offerings with $1.90 million.

 6410 Clubhouse Dr. is now listed as "For Sale."