Track & Field 2018 Season
April 2, 2018


Thank you all for the great participation at our last meet. a special thank you to our Hurdle crew who set up and put away the hurdles so nicely!! This week is spring break for a lot of athletes and we understand that many will be out of town. You can still compete on Saturday if you miss practice, just email the coaches your events by Thursday 9:00 pm

Each week we try to recognize a few athlete at practice with a Storm pin on Mondays and Wednesday. The coaches will choose a few outstanding P.R.s personal record) or great sportsmanship. There are 380 kids on the team and we will not be able to to do all athletes each week but we will try to call up everyone by the end of the season as we know all our athletes do their best at each meet. All athletes that P.R. do get a special black P.R. ribbon every time they better their marks. Make sure you check the ribbon boxes each week.

This week is our Conference wide Invitational. All athletes are invited but there are strict rules. The athletes will only be allowed 2 events plus a relay for this meet, It is a very large meet and will run over 2 days depending on the event you choose. You do not have to attend both days. PLEASE READ BELOW! You can print the schedule. The first day will be very long as we will run about 100 heats of 100's. Only distance athletes first field events need to be there by 8:00. The long jump and Shot Put are a timed pits, meaning you must start during the times on the flyer. The order is very different so please look carefully. The Bantam Boys and Midget girls will start the Long jump, the Youth girls will start the Shot put, and Bantam girls will start the High Jump at 8:30 am.
Sub and Gremlins will do long jump on Sunday and Youth and 15-18 will do High Jump on Sunday. this will be our toughest competition as we will see athletes from all 15 teams.

No parents or coaches will be allowed on the field so athletes will need to be comfortable going to staging and field events without assistance. This is not a mandatory meet, and some athletes may not enjoy this meet as it is very stressful, but it is great competition.
Photos Thanks to Anthony Calderon & Peter Martinez (PW: SCTC2018). Both of these photographers have their pictures available for download. Please click their names to get to their photo galleries. You can purchase copies of the photos from these websites as well. 

If you would like to see the conference results of the other teams you can go on and select the 2018 season. All results are posted there as they come in after the meets. 

LAP-A-THON FUNDS ARE DUE and can still be turned in at practice !!

Please be sure to look at the full newsletter each week. We do all communication by email!!!
This Week's Practice Schedule
April 2, 2018 – April 8, 2018

Age Group / Sprints
Monday – Saugus High School – 6:00 – 7:45
Tuesday – No Practice
Wednesday – Saugus HS – 6:00 – 7:45
Thursday – Saugus HS – 6:00 – 7:45
Saturday –  Track Meet – Granada Hills Charter HS – 2 day meet, Conference wide 8:00 am - 6:00 pm
Sunday –  Track Meet – Granada Hills Charter HS – 2 day meet, Conference wide 8:00 am -3:00 pm

Distance Athletes
Monday – Saugus High School – 6:00 – 7:45
Tuesday – College of the Canyon Track – 6:00 pm – 7:30 pm
Wednesday – No Practice
Thursday – Saugus HS – 6:00 – 7:45
Saturday –  Track Meet – Granada Hills Charter HS – 2 day meet, Conference wide 8:00 am- 6:00 pm
Sunday –  Track Meet – Granada Hills Charter HS – 2 day meet, Conference wide 8:00 am -3:00 pm
Track Meet This Weekend
This week we will be going to the Valley United Striders Invitational meet at Granada Hills Charter High School.   Click Here to download the meet flyer and schedule .   Please copy the event schedule so you will know the order of events. The top 8 athletes in the 100 and the 4X100 relay will return on Sunday to compete in a finals. We do have a new event on Sunday. The 4X800 relay will be ran for the first time!!

Medals are awarded at the meet to the Top 3 finishers in each event at the meet, with all others getting their ribbons at practice. This is the only time that all 15 teams will compete in an open meet. It is a very competitive event and not all athletes will enjoy it. It is a a great meet to get P.R.’s,but it is extremely long and competitive, and some athletes may not be ready for it. No Coaches or parents will be allowed in staging or on the field.

Saturday will start promptly at 8:30 am and last until 6:00 pm if you do the 200 meters this is a very long day but you will not have to be there all day depending on the event you choose. Parking will take extra time.

Sunday will start at 8:30 and be finished around 2:30 pm.

NO PARENTS OR COACHES ALLOWED ON THE FIELD. This will be an extremely competitive meet.

Please note there are restrictions in the amount of events each athlete can compete in.

Your child is limited to   2 individual events and a relay, or 2 relays & 1 individual event. Intermediates and the Young Division may compete in 3 Individual Events.

Field events are timed open pit, which means that athletes must compete within the time slots for that event.

Pictures from Track Meets
If you visit our website and scroll down the page you will see slide shows of pictures taken at the track meets. The photos are taken thanks to Anthony Calderon & Peter Martinez (PW: SCTC2018). Both of these photographers have their pictures available for download. Please click their names to get to their photo galleries. You can purchase copies of the photos from these websites as well. 
Scholastic Awards
In an effort to emphasize the importance of maintaining scholastic ability in conjunction with athletic ability, the Santa Clarita Track Club, Inc. in cooperation with local school districts, awards a Scholastic Achievement Medal to all active athletes that maintain a 'B+' (3.5) grade point average or better during the season. The medal is engraved with the student's name, year and symbol of the sport in which he/she is participating. A special President's Award Medal is presented to players that maintain straight A's. 
The Deadline for turning in the form is April 13, 2017   
Relay Expectations
Many parents are asking how relays are determined, here is a brief description on how this is done. There will be some very disappointed athletes at the meet if your child signs up and does not stay, or arrive on time for their team! Not every athlete will get to be on a relay each week but the coaches will try to give an opportunity to those who want to try.  

It is very important to the team that if your athlete does sign up for a 4X100 relay, that they are at the meet and checked in before 8:30 am so the coaches can assemble the teams. All 4X400 meter relay athlete must check in with coaches before the 200 meter race at the meet. If your child is signed up for a relay and does not show up or is late, it will effect every other relay runner, and disappoint those who can not compete. Please insure they stay for the duration of the meet if they are running the 4X400 relay at the end of the day!  

This is the only event that we are strict on signing up for. Please don't sign up for any relay if your athlete can not compete in the event, and be at the meet by 8:30 am.

Criteria for relay team assignment. Be on time!!
1) coaches discretion  
2) attending practice 
3) able to hand off smoothly 
4) Time in the 100 or 400 at a meet 

All of this is considered when coaches put together their teams (A-Team, B-Team, C-Team, etc...). 

If you have any questions about this please speak with your age group Coach or Coach Elaine 
Lost & Found
We have a lot of warm up jackets , pants and water bottles please check the fence daily . All items will be given away after practice on Thursday we have no place to store it.