Track & Field 2018 Season
February 19, 2018


The first week of practice was great and the athletes have already made great improvements. This week the athletes will get demonstrations of our specialty events, Hurdles, starting blocks, Long Jump, High Jump and Shot Put. The coaches will be explaining what the event is, and we will start training next Monday Feb 26th. thank you to Anthony Calderon for taking pictures at our practices! You can view the Antamoto videos on the website. We will need more photographers for our meets, lets us know if you can help!

Please see the fundraising events box below for more information on how you can help.

We still need jolly ranchers and jelly beans, and 3 parents at the end of every practice to help give them out.

This is the last week the newsletter goes out to the Cross Country and the Sign up email lists. Please check to make sure you have also joined the track and field list if you were in cross country or on the sign up list.

Our Storm Store is still open for online orders, you can order and pay on line and it will be delivered to practice when it is ready. The Store will be open until March 10th for orders.

Uniforms will be available again on Tuesday and Wednesday , Please pick them up at the table!! This is the last day they will be at practice PLEASE PICK IT UP!!!

Birth Certificates If you have not brought it, you can either drop it at practice or scan and email it to we can not certify our team with out them.
Please be sure to look at the full newsletter each week. We do all communication by email!!!
This Week's Practice Schedule
Age Group / Sprints
Monday – No Practice – Holiday
Tuesday – No Practice
Wednesday – Saugus HS – 6:00 – 7:45
Thursday – Saugus HS – 6:00 – 7:45
Saturday – No Practice

Distance Athletes
Monday – No Practice – Holiday
Tuesday – Saugus HS – 6:00 pm – 7:30 pm
Wednesday – No Practice
Thursday – Central Park – 6:00 pm – 7:30 pm
Saturday – No Practice

Parents please try to arrive 15 minutes early for pick up, in case practice ends early.
Approved Di stance Athletes - When practice is at CENTRAL PARK the distance athletes will meet near the basketball courts. 6:00 pm - 7:15 pm. Please pick up kids from Central park before heading back to Saugus high School if you have children at both practice sites.

(Note this applies to the Approved Distance athletes that have done the mile test, or are returning distance track athletes). 
If you have children that have to be dropped at both the track and the park, drop at the track first at 5:45, and then at the park, do not leave children unattended! Please make sure there is a coach present before you leave. Pick up at the park first and then the track. 
If it is raining practice is canceled. However we will practice in a light sprinkle. This makes it tricky, many times it is not raining at the track when it's raining at home. Do not drop off your athlete if there is a chance for a canceled practice, please stick around
Please be sure to text STORMTF to 41411 to be added to our urgent alert system, in the event of a canceled practice, we will send a group text alert out telling parents to pick up their athlete.
or text "follow @stormtrackclub" to 40404
Jelly Beans & Jolly Ranchers
Jelly Beans
Parents we ask that you bring 2 bags of Jelly beans or Jolly Ranchers. You can get the large bags or containers at Sams Club or Costco.

At the end of each practice we give the kids a few jelly beans as a treat. For the kids with braces, we give them a Jolly Rancher. The kids must be heading out the gate in order to get them. 

We ask that 3-5 parents be ready at the end of each practice to hand them out, this only takes about 5-10 minuets. 
Fundraising Opportunities
1. Twentyfive Score Card
The 25 Score Cards are available at practice for $20.00 each. They are a discount card to local businesses, See the Passport below or download the app below. Most Families can save up to $300.00 per year using the card at businesses.
Download the NEW mobile app
Pick Up the Passport to Saving
2. Lap-a-thon
Our lap-a-thon fund raiser will be held on March 5th at Saugus High School during practice. More information will be posted in the Newsletter.
3. California Pizza Kitchen
Our California Pizza Kitchen fund raiser will be on April 10 all day. We will have a flyer that you must take with you and give to them at the time you order. Dine In or Take Out, enjoy a great meal!!
Santa Clarita Track Club App

 Updated! for the 2018 Track Season

For your smart device visit the Apple AppStore on your iPhone, iPad, or Apple device Visit Google Play Store for your Android Phones and Devices Search for SANTA CLARITA TRACK CLUB 
Add it today.
Schedule of meets, Results, News Letters, Pictures.
Meet Our Coaches
We have been working on updating our coaches page and it is now on our website on the Track Pages. If you are a coach and not listed on that page please send Coach Elaine Bingham an email.
Urgent Alert Message System
If you would like to join our Urgent Alert Text System, on your cell phone text the word "STORMTF" to 41411 and you should be greeted with a welcome message, we use this system rarely for very important urgent alerts, for example, We cancel practice early due to unforeseen circumstances
It's been brought to my attention that if your using T-Mobile, you may have to contact them to have Text Message Blocking shut off while you enroll. I believe once your enrolled you can turn it back on.

Please be sure to check with your cell phone provider if you are having trouble connecting to our urgent alert text system. 
We will try to help you, but in most cases if you get an error trying to connect, I suggest you contact your customer service and see if there is some type of blocking on your phone preventing signing up for these types of text systems, I've been told that some games use text systems to bill your phone, our system will not bill your phone, we are paying for it.
Alternatively: If you use Twitter, you can join our twitter feed. We also tweet all of our urgent text alerts.
To sign up for twitter alerts,
1) text "follow @stormtrackclub" to 40404
2) You should get confirmation that you are following us
3) Urgent text alerts will be texted to you the same as if you joined the alert system. 
I believe this will work even if you don't have a twitter account.  
We do tweet out a link to our newsletter each week also, so you will get more information from us via twitter than our Urgent Alert Text System. 
Calendar on Website
There is a calendar on our web site that has most of the practice and meet info on it. It is tentative and will be updated as we finalize our schedule. The schools some times make changes so please remember it is subject to change but we will try to keep it updated as much as possible every week. We will also try to inform you of changes as they occur.